Campaign #239 is for Sue Zwahlen in CA

While every year presents an array of challenges to our cities’ leaders, 2020 has done so by the truckload. We’ve seen local elected officials modeling courage and problem-solving in the shadow of a pandemic. While partisanship has no place at the table when it comes to following the advice of scientists and medical professionals, we’ve seen plenty of examples where it has. Republicans often blocked mask mandates. They repeatedly ignored advice against gathering crowds. Many times across the country, they refused to pass ordinances to limit certain businesses’ hours in the interest of squashing the transmission of COVID-19. Republicans have not always heeded the call of reasonable, preemptive public health and safety measures.

Whether you live in a city led by Republicans or not, we’re all at risk from a patchwork of inconsistent and unwise local government responses to the pandemic. It is with this in mind, that we have yet another reason to care about the outcome of local elections.

That brings us to our next #PostcardsToVoters campaign. We’ve been ask to write in support of Democrat Sue Zwahlen’s candidacy for Mayor of Modesto, California. It is a runoff election scheduled for February 2. 

Modesto is a moderate city that is almost evenly split between Democrats and Republicans. Like many California cities, it is plagued with homelessness, fueled by a lack of affordable housing, a growing substance abuse epidemic, and inadequate treatment options for the mentally ill.

About Sue
Sue has been a nurse for 40 years. She has worked on a daily basis with patients suffering from addiction, experiencing homelessness, and presenting with mental illness. With the community now one of California’s COVID hot spots, Sue is the perfect candidate to deliver a clear message about the importance of masks and social distancing to stop the spread of the disease.  
Sue is a lifelong Democrat who is endorsed by the Stanislaus County Democratic Party and Democratic Congressman Josh Harder. Sue’s opponent is a Republican former police officer. Local Republicans are casting this non-partisan election as their last stand to keep Modesto red. According to the campaign, most local elected officials in the Central Valley of California are Republicans. There are only a handful of Democratic mayors.
All-Mail Election
The February 2nd all-mail election makes turning out Democrats especially difficult. The campaign team believes that our efforts writing fun, friendly election reminder postcards could be crucial in electing a Democratic Mayor in Modesto and helping turn their city blue.  
We enjoy an out-sized impact when we participate in a local election. Fewer voters + lower turnout + less money being spent = greater chance that our postcards might be the most personal, direct contact with Democratic voters. 
We’re going to begin writing now so that the postcards will arrive close to when the ballots will be delivered. This timing will improve the likelihood that our voters will fill participate in the election and mark their ballots for Sue. We can be an important part of her team’s winning GOTV plan, with your help.
Write on! ~Tony The Democrat

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