With so many key elections right around the corner, we want to help.

With a list of targeted voters, we can immediately ramp up and work to boost turnout through what become conversation pieces in the hands of likely Democratic voters.  The novelty of the handwritten postcard from another friendly Democrat using positive, on-message talking points is uniquely effective.

Plus, it’s totally free to campaigns.  We do not charge any fees.  The volunteers are donating their own postage and material costs.  The average number of postcards written is 13 per volunteer.

The only 3 things we ask from you are:

  1. Depending upon candidate availability, we schedule a live conference call with our volunteers lasting 30 minutes.  (We can host the call using our hosting service.)
  2. After the election, that the candidate and some campaign team members please send us a group photo of them writing postcards to voters in our next campaign as a motivational boost.
  3. And that if the campaign is pleased with our help, that someone be a reference for us to future prospective campaigns.

Speaking of which, I have 50+ references if you would like to speak to some.  (One for each campaign we’ve done.)

Thank you for your consideration,