Tony The Democrat

TonySince March, many people have called me Tony The Democrat.

I have a career in business process and technology project management for specialized insurance and financial services companies. Since 2003, I have had the privilege to work on numerous municipal and state campaigns coordinating volunteers, field operations, and data-driven decisions.

While in Dallas, Texas, I was a founding member of a grassroots group that turned a red house district blue, and served as both a Precinct Chair and House District Coordinator responsible for recruiting, training, and mentoring Precinct Captains. This experience with campaigns and volunteer coordination are the foundation for my new initiative.

I live in Metro Atlanta with two rescue Miniature Schnauzers, Lex and Pierce.

Amy The Democrat


I am a creative problem solver and community builder with deep experience in business and technology. Looking to leverage my business experience to make the world a better place, I took a job as a Field Organizer on Hillary Clinton’s campaign. After the election, I have been working with several California activist (resistance?) groups, and have started a local postcard group that meets several times a month.

I started with Tony the Democrat writing postcards for the first Georgia election. I have been working behind the scenes creating some of the automation tools that will help the group scale up to meet the needs of more elections, looking forward to 2018. One of the best parts of working on this project is the opportunity to meet people across the country who are interested in finding ways to preserve individuals’ rights.

I enjoy cooking, and believe that conversations shared over a meal create stronger connections. I love traveling and meeting new people. I also enjoy paying it forward by mentoring young entrepreneurs as they launch their businesses.

Giliani The Democrat


My name is pronounced “hilly-ah-knee”, and I’m a jack-of-all-trades. I am, and have been, a university graduate, Flight Attendant, Recruiter, girlfriend, wife, mother, roadie, Band-aide, customer service rep, cashier, secretary, HR Administrator, Justin Trudeau-Fangirl, and licensed cosmetologist…. but, most importantly, I am Part of the Resistance.

Like everyone else, I was glued to my TV on election night November 2016. And, like most of America, I was stunned, stupefied, and enraged by the results. In the weeks that followed, I joined every Facebook resistance group I could find. And, when my current US House Rep, Tom Price, was selected/confirmed as head of HHS, I made a vow to do everything in my power to help a Democrat win that seat! Living in Georgia for 20+ years and being gerrymandered to the point of lunacy, I knew it was MY time to make a difference.

Of course, when you have a husband, 2 dogs, 2 jobs, a 3-year-old AND a 1-year-old, that’s easier said than done. I found many of the typical GOTV initiatives were not conducive to my schedule. That is, until I found a post, by Tony The Democrat, in a local FB group about writing postcards. Instantly, I knew this was IT… this was MY way to contribute. I could write on my own time, my own way, and still keep up with everything else in my life. After my 2nd request for postcard addresses went unanswered for several days, I contacted Tony, who said he was swamped, and hadn’t foreseen the “viral’ nature of his postcard project. Thus, he fell behind….WAY behind. So, I asked him if I could help. A quick conference call and 10 minutes later, I was set up and assigning addresses.

My budget took a hit, I hardly slept, and my hand hurt, BUT, it was worth it…. it’s still worth it.

I do this for my kids.
I do this for the cause.
I do this for my Country.
I do this because I am Part of The Resistance.

Jeff The Democrat


I started a Young Democrats club in high school but am now an Old Democrat, having retired from working as a programmer at the San Francisco Chronicle.

I have been an antiwar activist since Vietnam, and an electoral activist since McGovern.

My local claim to fame is as driver of my art car, the Zebramobile.

I would rather be gardening and playing chess than going to meetings, but “these are not normal times”.

Carl The Democrat


I am a father to two young boys, aged 13 and 14. In addition to my sons, I share my house with two dogs who allow me to feed and care for them. My day job is working as a cyber security engineer for a financial services company in Atlanta.

My earliest political memories are of my dad organizing at the URW union hall and my mother watching the Watergate hearings on TV. My first campaigning was for Bill Clinton and local democrats in New Hampshire back in the 1980’s.

I am responsible for the creation and maintenance of Abby the address bot as well as Annie the analytics server.

I like cooking and traveling with my kids and imbibing delicious Belgian ales.

Renee The Democrat

IMG_1833 (2)

Like so many people, I was dumbfounded by the results of the 2016 Presidential election. When I learned how many people across this country did not actually cast a vote in that election, my dismay turned to determination. I decided that I had to get involved, that I had to do something. I started by writing postcards for PTV’s first postcard campaign in the spring of 2017 to elect Jon Ossoff in GA’s 6th Congressional district. I live in GA’s 6th congressional district and felt drawn to do something to change things in my own district. Even though Ossoff didn’t win that special election, I saw first-hand the energy and enthusiasm that a strong Democratic candidate generated in my long-held red district and now know that change is possible. I am committed to doing whatever I can to help turn the tide and elect strong Democrats at all levels across our country.

I continue to remain motivated by what happens in my own backyard, but I have also seen the struggles people face in my community and know these struggles extend into every community across this country. I recently retired after many years working with cancer patients and survivors as an oncology social worker in a large hospital system. I see what happens to families when insurance is inadequate, resources are stretched and illness takes over. It is devastating.

I have to say, by far the most important work I’ve done in my life is as an advocate and community volunteer. Like so many people, I have family members and close friends who have faced devastating physical illnesses like cancer but also equally devastating mental health issues, drug addiction and suicide. I’ve seen up close how difficult it is for families advocating for a child with Autism, or a child in the foster care system, or the struggles of those in the LGBT community who are fighting every day for their basic rights.  I am inspired and motivated by these people every day and will continue to advocate for them. I enjoy being involved with PTV because it offers a way for so many people across the country to get involved and advocate for the things that are important to them. It’s truly remarkable and so very inspiring.

Carla The Democrat


I work in product development for a small company, and I do graphic design, too. In the past I have been an editor, journalist, photographer, non-profit administrator, instructor, and had some sort of job at a large technology corporation.

I started writing Postcards to Voters in October of 2017.  It helped me feel like I was doing something positive, and direct. I knew I wanted to be part of the team that was facilitating other people, around the country, to engage directly in our democracy.

I have a flock of mostly bantam chickens and I enjoy studying their social dynamics.  I’m also a ceramic artist, avid gardener, and general creative type.

Sarah the Democrat


It’s all because of Amy the Democrat.

She talked me into a bus trip to go canvassing in Nevada in October of 2016. That was the beginning of the journey.

After that, I knocked on more doors, marched in protests, wrote countless emails and postcards to elected officials, and encouraged my like-minded friends to do the same. Then, Amy introduced me to Postcards to Voters – back during the first campaign in Georgia. I suddenly felt that the postcards I wrote really mattered because they would actually be read by the people with real power – the voters. I was hooked.

I joined this incredible team during the frenzy of the Doug Jones campaign. Who knew that a customer service dashboard could be so addictive? It’s addictive because I know that helping our amazing writers is how we will win this country back – one voter at a time.

In real life, I’m living the dream in Silicon Valley.

Katie The Democrat

I’ve always been a democrat and always will.

Wild places and Mother Nature are integral parts of my life, which is why I will always vote blue.

When I’m not writing postcards to voters and engaging in other civic activities, I spend my days outside wandering the woods & waters. I have a healthy obsession of gardening with native plants and heirloom vegetables and share seeds from the plants I grow with others all across the country.

I share my life with a funny dog, a quirky cat, and an incredible husband.

Gail The Democrat

IMG_20170518_170809607Protesting, canvassing and phone banking are overwhelming for someone a bit shy like me, so when I first heard about Postcards to Voters during the Jon Ossof campaign, I registered immediately. Each morning for weeks I’d write 20 postcards, mail them, then start all over again. The positive, direct, Get Out the Vote action doable from the comfort of my sun porch was such a wonderful experience that I just kept writing. I’ve since written for almost every campaign!

Recently, my corporate job and I decided to break up so naturally PTV became a place to spend some more of my time. Tony decided to take a chance on me, and now I am one of the behind the scenes folks who register new volunteers to write with us. I hope the newbies find as much joy and satisfaction as I have in writing postcards to help elect terrific Democrats.

When I’m not volunteering, you can find me renovating old houses, taking care of my elderly sweet dog, cooking, baking, enjoying cocktails on my deck overlooking a beautiful river, or traveling with my wonderful husband to far flung corners of this beautiful earth.