Campaign #243 is for Laurie Buchwald in VA

Not 10 years ago, Virginia’s Senate District 38 was a Democratic stronghold.  Nestled in Southwest Virginia, the district was once represented by longtime Senator Phil Puckett.  After he resigned in 2015, the district (much like Appalachia) has swung dramatically to the right.  But in a low turnout election, while Virginia Republicans are in disarray and looking to end their general election losing streak, anything is possible.

We’ve been asked by Democrat Laurie Buchwald’s campaign to help with our fun, friendly postcards to voters. The campaign is specifically trying to leverage early voting to their advantage.  By promoting early voting by mail or in person, her team believes that they can “bank” enough of an early lead to be successful.

You’ve seen recent victories that capitalized on the same idea.  With many Republican voters turned off by rhetoric against voting by mail, Democrats have used that to a winning advantage.  Our message for this wave of election reminders will focus exclusively on voting early from home by mail.

This is a fun race

We can only outperform expectations.  Laurie is running a spirited campaign in this heavily Republican district.  We hope you join the Democratic Party of Virginia in helping this race to prove to future candidates in this district and across Virginia that no matter how red the district, we’ll be there to have their backs.

NOTE: The campaign has recently completed one wave of postcarding with other volunteers and a different message.  After a series of conversations where I gained insights into their GOTV plan and how they’re approaching their Win Number from different ways, I feel confident we can play a meaningful role.  If you’re on a budget and feel as if you cannot write knowing the same voters will be seeing your different message following up on an earlier postcard, then only write five or maybe wait out this campaign.  You are in charge of how we help this campaign.  I think it’s important to be transparent and let you know how we can fit in their plan.  Georgia voters received multiple handwritten postcards.  These voters in Virginia won’t receive anywhere near that many “extras.”  But, you can count on making a visible, positive difference in turnout and I hope you’ll answer Laurie’s call for help.  

Write on! ~Tony The Democrat

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