Campaign #234 is for the Georgia Runoffs 

Across Georgia, a massive undertaking has commenced to recount by hand every ballot cast in the recent election to certify the results.   And now, across the country, another massive effort is underway to send a record count of fully-handwritten, fun, friendly postcards to Democratic voters thanking them for voting and asking them to reserve their absentee ballots for the runoff election in January. 

Thank you for your help in ensuring winning Democratic voter turnout for the January 5 runoffs that will withstand recount.  As daunting a challenge as this may be, we will not be alone.  There will be so many groups, volunteers, and paid professionals directing their full energies into Georgia over the next few weeks.  We will do what we do best.  Even though some others might have similar or perhaps overlapping efforts, we will stick to the mission we’ve been asked to fulfill.

Our proven efforts to get Democrats to enroll in Vote By Mail can be seen in Florida where we sent over 3.1 million postcards to do the very same thing.  We have a hard-working team, dedicated volunteers, resilient technology, and experience working directly with campaigns to be of service to their plans to win. 

Let’s cut to the chase

Georgia requires its voters to request absentee ballots each election.  Including separately for runoffs.  Not very voter friendly.  I should know, I live here. There are two exceptions, but the voter had to remember to note that on their earlier application. 

Voting from the comfort of home has been shown, both before and during the November election, to boost voter participation significantly in every type of voter regardless of their own in-person voting habits.  We will be encouraging our Democrats in the Peach State to enroll in absentee voting by mail. 

Not only does it make it much more likely that enrolled voters will actually cast their ballots, it has a number of benefits for our supported candidates’ campaigns.  They will be able to get updated lists from elections officials as to which voters are enrolled, have received their ballots, have returned them, and if any of them need assistance correcting some administrative errors that could keep their ballot from being counted.  

Campaigns can more efficiently apply resources in what will be a compressed time line because absentee voters won’t require the same amount or type of GOTV follow-up compare to the non-absentee voters.

So, you’re doing something meaningful to make a difference.  You’re giving the voter their easiest, safest way to vote.  And you’re helping the campaigns we all want to win in Georgia a valuable leg up when it comes to GOTV. 

Who are the candidates we’re supporting?

The two obvious ones are running for U.S. Senate: Jon Ossoff and Rev. Raphael Warnock.  We wrote for Ossoff in our very first postcarding action in March 2017 when he ran for Congress in a Special Election.  That’s where we got our start.  Jon surprised me with a call asking if we would write for him and we did again.  We sent the most number of postcards to voters we ever have for any single candidate.   Now, with this runoff, I expect we will surpass that million-plus record. 

The third candidate we hope to help to victory in January is Daniel Blackman.  He has also made it into the runoffs for a seat on Georgia’s Public Service Commission.   If we’re going to send the most postcards ever for named candidates on the same ballot in an election and encourage Democrats to vote by mail, we owe it to them to include Daniel’s name.   Voting from home with just three contests, let’s give Daniel a boost, too.  Because we need him on the PSC to influence utility regulation and stand up for everyday Georgians against greedy utilities. 

After we finish this list, we will move to a second round differently-targeted and with a different message.  I’m not able to detail that now since we imagine the opposition might be poking around to see what we have planned.  If we have enough volunteer support, there are two more sizable waves of strategic postcard activism we’ll be coordinating. 

So, let’s get to your first list and…

Write on! ~Tony The Democrat

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  1. I was informed through my local Indivisible group, that to write cards to Georgia, it must be approved by Indivisible in Georgia. Is this one of the approved groups? thank you

    1. Postcards to Voters has been writing since March 2017. We are based in Georgia. Our first campaign was for Jon Ossoff’s first race. We are not affiliated with any Indivisible because we are a standalone effort. Thanks!

  2. I see from the following link that Deborah Gonzales has already won her Dec. 1 runoff race.
    Congratulations to her and the PTV volunteers. Shouldn’t you update your Current Campaigns in Progress and also the List Completed and also update the Results list chalking up this newest great win?

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