Campaigns 226 & 227 for Margaret Good in FL and Mike Siegel in TX

We’ve written for each of them in the past.  Now, you can write for them while mentioning the top of the ticket. Boost winning turnout for every Dem in these two Congressional districts.

Margaret Good

Florida’s 16th Congressional District is the top congressional pick-up opportunity for Democrats in Florida this cycle.  Margaret Good’s parents – a nurse and a pastor – taught her actions matter more than words and you don’t make promises you can’t keep.  So when she saw that politicians in Tallahassee were talking more than working and making promises they never kept, she ran to replace them…and won.  Many of you wrote postcards for her in that election.

Margaret believes that people should not have to choose between paying for prescription drugs and paying for their groceries that’s why as a representative, Margaret Good worked across the aisle to expand access to health care.  Florida is the swing state where statewide elections are often decided by less than a 1% margin. Democratic turnout will make the difference not only for Margaret but also for Biden this cycle.

In her own words

People want to live in a healthy and in a safe, a civil society, and unfortunately that’s not where we are right now.  People are sick, they’re financially insecure.  They can’t look to the government because Trump is not taking this virus seriously,” Good said.

Learn more about Margaret by watching the video, “I Stand With You” at this link:

As a grassroots effort, we have already invested a ton in Florida.  You might wonder why keep writing into the state at all.  Well, it’s because there are too many close contests and candidates feel as if they could squeeze out another 1-2% of winning turnout with fun, friendly, fully-handwritten postcards.

In Margaret’s case, she and her team know the difference postcards can make because they saw it first hand when we wrote for her years ago.  She’s asked for our help again and I know we have the capacity to write every Dem voter on her list.  We can do this and flip this Congressional seat sending her to D.C.

Mike Siegel

In the nearly four years since Postcards to Voters has been writing, we’ve supported hundreds of candidates.  Some of them did not win their elections.  When we have the opportunity to write for them again, it’s an honor.

Candidates like Mike Siegel in Texas already know the difference that grassroots postcards to voters can make.  And even though they didn’t prevail their first time out, they saw and heard from voters about the impact that our fun, friendly postcards had.  As Mike and his team work to close the gap and cross that 50% line, they’ve asked for our help again.  The final outcome is expected to be razor thin.  They know your work can make a win more likely.

Getting to know Mike

He is a progressive Democrat running to flip a gerrymandered Republican seat deep in the heart of Texas.  As a DCCC Red to Blue candidate, Mike’s race to win Texas’ 10th District has been recognized as one of the most competitive in the country.

In 2018, Mike came out of nowhere to nearly flip this district.  Now, he’s back to finish the job.  He’s built a strong coalition that includes Beto O’Rourke, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and the Sunrise Movement. Michael McCaul, his Republican opponent, is one of Trump’s top enablers in Congress.  As former Chairman of the Homeland Security Committee, McCaul oversaw the family separation policy, and he was the co-architect of the Muslim ban.

Here’s Mike with his wife speaking to voters in a recent Tweet:

Mike has personally asked us for help.  Let’s do our part to turn Texas blue and elect Mike Siegel.

Write on! ~Tony The Democrat

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