Campaign #210 is for NC Democrat Cal Cunningham for U.S. Senate

UPDATE: The address list for this campaign has been completed.

North Carolina is the only Presidential swing state that also has competitive U.S. Senate and Gubernatorial races. It’s also possible, according to the people who analyze these things, that NC could flip control of its statehouse just ahead of redistricting. The path to winning the White House and the U.S. Senate majority runs through North Carolina. Voters there are ready for change.

Since 1968, no Republican has won the White House while losing North Carolina. There is plenty of history that suggests Democrats must win North Carolina in order to keep Trump from winning re-election.

The Opponent

Senator Tillis is one of the most vulnerable Republican Senators in the country. His popularity is underwater with key groups including independents, women, suburban women, and military households. Tillis trails Trump’s own approval rating with base Republicans by 28 points (92%-64%) [WRAL]. Our Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate, Cal Cunningham, is a decorated veteran, business leader, and former legislator who has the experience and drive to defeat Thom Tillis.


A true “toss-up”, North Carolina is a state where elections are won at the margins and based on the strength of the ground game. With the pandemic radically changing how all campaigns are able to effectively conduct Get Out The Vote programs door to door, fun, friendly, fully-handwritten postcards to voters will necessarily take on a bigger role. While this race will see many millions spent, it will be your postcards to targeted Democratic-voting households that could boost winning turnout the way we did in Kentucky for the 2019 Governor’s race and in Alabama for the 2017 Special Election for U.S. Senate.

The other side doesn’t have an equivalent postcard-writing program. They don’t have 90,000+ dedicated volunteer writers who are disciplined enough to write the approved message items from campaigns all over the country. They couldn’t organize from scratch what you have helped build for nearly four years. It’s like a Rapid Response Team for Grassroots GOTV Postcards where we’ve been able to distribute 99,386 addresses in a single day!

Why we write!

If you think of a vast statewide U.S. Senate race, it can feel daunting. It can feel as if it’s too ambitious for us. But, we are tens of thousands of writers larger than we were when we sent 347,000+ postcards to help Doug Jones win in Alabama. What took us 6 weeks in 2017 gets done now in two weeks!

This is why I didn’t flinch when the Cal Cunningham team reached out. I know that this is within our reach. You’ve shown it and we’re adding over 500 new writers daily. Think of all the new volunteers that will sign up when they learn we’re writing for Cal.

So, don’t stress out over how many cards you can individually write. Pace yourself and manage your three-day turnaround. Keep recruiting friends as a way to multiply your output through them. And after Cal, there will be more big name, “marquee” candidates.You’re the stars of this historic effort. Make your favorite writing space cozy and…

Write on!

~Tony The Democrat

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