Campaign #212 is for Jon Ossoff in Georgia

UPDATE: The address list for this campaign has been completed.

Ever since election night on April 18, 2017, I have been wishing to once again write for Jon Ossoff. His candidacy in the 2017 Congressional Special Election was the impetus for what became Postcards to Voters. We didn’t call ourselves anything in particular as we began to form a nationwide postcard-writing “army” of 1,200 volunteer writers. It’s poetic now that we are approaching 100,000 enrolled activists and we’re writing for Jon again after nearly four years.
He’s running for the U.S. Senate this time. A lot has changed in Georgia since his first campaign. Lucy McBath, you may recall, won the 6th Congressional District in 2018. And we all know how close Stacey Abrams came to becoming Georgia’s Governor. We’re voting now in a Presidential election during a pandemic and with memorials for Congressman John Lewis and Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg fresh. How will these and so many other conditions influence voters’ choices this cycle? We’re going to find out soon enough.
But, the one thing we can do to boost Democratic voter participation is to send them the very same kinds of fun, friendly election reminders that gave rise to this postcarding GOTV phenomenon. I was in my car when Jon called me a couple weeks ago to ask if we would write #PostcardsToVoters for him again. I live in the Georgia 6th Congressional District and remain a huge “fanboy” of his.
Every time he answers a question, I feel as if I am learning something new. As if he’s bringing something to the discussion that isn’t often considered. This campaign is personal to me because I live here. But, even for the majority of our writers who don’t live in Georgia, I expect this race will be personal, too. For a variety of reasons.
It’s my pleasure to skip over what are normally more detailed statements on the race, the stakes, and the challenges. We’ve been waiting to help Jon win and he reached out personally to make sure we knew how important our help figures in to his team’s GOTV plan to win.
Every single address they need us to write is going to be loaded to Abby the Address Bot’s database. Let’s make this happen and bring this thing around full circle. #WriteYourOssoff!
Write on!

~Tony The Democrat

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  1. I’d like to write postcards for the Ossoff campaign, however, when I text HELLO I am only being offered 1-Donor Thanks, 98–Donate or 99–Help as choices. I have been an approved writer for months, having worked for various campaigns through the presidential election. Can you tell me how to access the Ossoff and/or Warnock writing campaigns as I’d like to work on either or both of these. Thanks!

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