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Campaign #209 is for Marc Arnett for GA

Most of you have heard, read, and know that state legislatures play many important roles. Model legislation can cascade from one state to another. Without effective representation, Republican majorities and even super majorities can steamroll terrible legislation through without even a hint of bipartisanship.

Meet Postcards to Voters’ first state legislative candidate of the 2020 General Election cycle: Marc Arnett running for Georgia State Representative in House District 138.

District 138 is a “healthcare desert” meaning that residents have to drive at least 30 minutes to reach the nearest hospital. This has taken a serious toll on the community especially in the face of COVID-19.

The Georgia legislature will redistrict the state in 2021 after the census. It is critical that Democrats have as many seats flipped blue as possible to head off partisan gerrymandering. This is a race Marc can win. Multiple Democratic groups on the ground in Georgia have identified District 138 as one of the key “swingable” seats. It’s after consultation with one such group that has been studying opportunity areas on the primary topic of healthcare that we have selected Marc to be our first legislative candidate for this cycle.

While I haven’t spoken directly to him, he’s been described by more than one person as a kind and caring man. He was born and raised in the district and he’s running for office because he genuinely wants to improve life for his community. And he feels strongly that he can work to make a difference.

Just like the difference we will make to boost winning Democratic voter turnout for him. Right?

Write on!

~Tony The Democrat

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