UPDATE: The address list for this campaign has been completed.

Campaign #208 is for Diane Mitsch Bush for Congress from Colorado

No matter how many times campaigns approach me to ask for our help, I still feel humbled each time that they are ready to take a leap of faith on us. And when the candidate is someone with a strong legislative and public service record, I feel the weight of what’s at stake. I set out to write an introduction to the candidate for you hoping it will be enough to check all the boxes. That you’ll be ready to write your fair share of fun, friendly election reminders for someone in a state far from where you might live. It’s important to do the candidate justice in these short paragraphs and I wait to see how quickly the addresses “fly off the shelves” to measure my success. (And I wait to see how many emails come in with typos to measure my attention to detail. Grin.)

About Diane

For Postcards To Voters’ 208th campaign, we have someone often described as an unflashy pragmatist in Democratic candidate Diane Mitsch Bush. She’s served in office as both County Commissioner and State Representative. Her leadership style has been put to the test one challenge after another from the Great Recession to catastrophic wildfires, floods, drought, and the swine flu epidemic. She’s run for Congress before and brings the lessons learned to this round against a far right extremist opponent.

This campaign is arguably the best opportunity Democrats have had to flip Colorado’s 3rd district in a decade. The opponent, Lauren Boebert, has promoted fringe conspiracies. She has dismissed the pandemic, opposed vaccination requirements, and opened her business in violation of the shutdown order. Whereas Diane is an experienced legislator and longtime resident of the 3rd district. According to the campaign, a recent poll had Diane up by 1 point. You know what our postcards have been able to do for Democrats in close contests before. From Doug Jones to Conor Lamb and more recently Andy Beshear. When the margins are this close, your campaign collectible can help get voters from the mailbox to the ballot box.

Diane’s team has been in touch with us for a while now hoping we’d help them flip this seat. We have a strong team of grassroots volunteers in Colorado waiting to see addresses launched. In fact, for the better part of a year, one of our biggest PTV boosters and writers has been doing direct outreach to clubs and groups of all sizes introducing them to postcarding. This has all been with the intent to have a ready writing force to support Colorado Democrats this cycle. So, we’re in this to win it with the help of long-time and newly-approved volunteer writers.

“When they go low, we go high”

We aren’t going to write anything negative on the postcards, of course. But, it’s good for you to know what’s at stake. The Republican is running on repealing the Affordable Care Act and ending protections for people with pre-existing conditions. She put public health and safety at risk by opening her restaurant against local health officials’ orders. And she supports defunding Planned Parenthood, making it harder for Colorado women to access birth control, cancer screenings, and preventative care. Any one of these would be enough to want to defeat her at the polls. She would be harmful not just to Colorado but to the nation if she took a seat in Congress.

There are already lots of postcarding efforts competing for your time and postage. I hope that you can spare five or ten for Coloradans’ best choice for Congress this cycle.

Write on! ~Tony The Democrat

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