Campaign #207 is for Amy McGrath in KY

UPDATE: The address list for this campaign has been completed.

I remember the first time I watched the campaign ad video that propelled Amy McGrath into the national spotlight. And while I didn’t live in Kentucky when she ran in a special election for Congress, I was still moved. I grew up in Kentucky. Most of my family still lives there. I drove from Atlanta to her campaign office back then to earn their trust in Postcards to Voters’ volunteer writers, technology infrastructure, and process. We agreed to conduct a proof of concept for a field office grand opening. Long story short, it was their best-attended field office grand opening and Amy had to address the crowd in the parking lot because there were too many to invite all at once inside!

It’s because of volunteer writers like you that we’re now able to play such an important role in her statewide campaign for U.S. Senate. Since I first met with her team in Kentucky back then, we’ve more than doubled in size. We’ve written for winning Kentucky candidates like Governor Andy Beshear and State Senator Karen Berg. It really is because of your ongoing commitment to the cause of boosting Democratic voter turnout with fun, friendly, and fully-handwritten election reminders that we’ve earned the trust of Amy’s new campaign team.

There are many important races going on across the country and there’s much at stake this November. However, there are many — hundreds, in fact — solutions to vexing issues that will never see the light of day as long as Mitch McConnell remains in office. Amy’s race needs to be a top priority across the country.


Each postcard you and your friends send represents hope. A hope that we can right the ship in this country. It’s a postcard that lets your fellow Americans know you care about Democracy. It’s a postcard that reminds Kentucky voters that they can take action to better their communities, and our country, by voting. Amy McGrath will fight for this country, just like she’ll fight for all Kentuckians.

Amy has plans to rebuild Kentucky after 36 years of being ignored and abandoned by Mitch McConnell. Read about those plans here:

If you have heard anything about Amy, you know she is a true patriot. Patriotism means recognizing our country’s shortcomings and working in good faith to fix them. We all need to commit to addressing long-standing racial and economic inequities in America. Doing so will be an ongoing effort, but here are some places we should begin:

Each postcard you send to Kentucky matters. Every minute you spend helping Amy’s team reach their goals on this race will have an immediate and positive effect on our democracy.I am as proud of what you have helped us build as I am as a Kentuckian to see Amy run for the U.S. Senate. Set aside a postcard and a postage stamp for each time you may have had a cross word for Mitch McConnell and…

Write on! ~Tony The Democrat

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