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Campaign #197 is for Judge Jill Karofsky in WI


This spring, we’ve been asked to help win back a critical seat on the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Judge Jill Karofsky has the experience, values, and toughness that we need to restore justice to the Wisconsin Supreme Court. This 10-year term will shape the future of Wisconsin as the Wisconsin Supreme Court will likely hear cases about gerrymandering, voting rights, women’s access to healthcare, the climate crisis, and more.

In addition, Donald Trump’s allies want to use the state Supreme Court to rig Wisconsin for Trump in November. As Wisconsin could be the pivotal battlefield state for the whole country, it’s absolutely critical to defeat Donald Trump’s endorsed candidate, Dan Kelly, who has shown he is always willing to do whatever right-wing interests want.

About Judge Jill

Experience: Judge Jill Karofsky is the only candidate who is or has ever been a trial court judge. She is a well-respected advocate for victims and those in need, having served as Wisconsin’s first statewide Violence Against Women Prosecutor and the Director of the Wisconsin Office of Crime Victim Services. She upholds the Constitution and the rule of law in her courtroom every day.

Wisconsin Values: Jill was born and raised in south-central Wisconsin. Her mom was the mayor of their small town, one of the first woman mayors in the country. Her dad opened a free medical clinic for youth in her hometown. Now, Jill is a single mom of two teenagers, and she is teaching them the same strong Wisconsin values. She is fighting the influence of big-money special interests and supports:

  • Fair and independent courts
  • Great public education (she and her kids all attended Wisconsin public schools)
  • Upholding laws to protect the environment from corporate polluters
  • Addressing racial injustice
  • Protecting civil rights, constitutional rights, women’s rights, and worker’s rights

Endorsements and Energy: Jill is a 2-time Ironman Triathlete and runs 50-mile Ultramarathons. She is bringing that energy to the race, building a strong grassroots campaign with over 3,000 individual contributions and new volunteers joining every day! That is why she has received the endorsements of Justices Rebecca Dallet and Louis Butler, Governors Doyle, Earl, and Schreiber, and hundreds of judges and attorneys, district attorneys and sheriffs, and local elected officials and community leaders.

Her Opponent

Dan Kelly, an appointee of former Republican Governor Scott Walker, is wrong for Wisconsin. He claims to be an independent judge, but can always be counted on to rule as right-wing special interests want. Wisconsin voters know corruption when they see it. He’s endorsed by Donald Trump and is running his campaign out of the Republican Party’s headquarters.

Our only chance to protect democracy and stop Dan Kelly and the right-wing special interests is to elect Jill Karofsky for Justice.

You can listen to Jill at one of the following links (these were filmed before the February 18th primary):

You can learn more at jillforjustice.com and follow her at @jillforjustice on Facebook and Instagram and @judgekarofsky on Twitter.

Let’s back Jill for Justice so she can restore justice to the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

Write on! ~Tony The Democrat


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