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Campaign #195 is for Harold “Howie” Hayes in PA


Helping Democrats develop stronger habits of voting takes more than one election. It takes more than one phone call. Or one door knock. Or even one postcard.

Reminding Democrats in red districts to vote can be seen as a tall order. In Pennsylvania’s 18th State House District, Republicans have held the seat for a generation. Many of us don’t have to tax our imagination to empathize with that sort of a red lock on state legislative representation.

About the election

The March 17 Special Election to fill a vacancy will give Democrats there a chance to practice their Get Out The Vote effort. And, a month later, there will be a primary election to nominate someone to run in November for the full term. That’s right. The March 17 Special Election is only to elect someone to fill the remainder of the term. The candidates will need to earn their party’s nominations in April and run all over again in November.

So, flipping the seat now in what is expected to be a low turnout election could give Democrat Hayes the momentum to continue stronger into the November campaign. A win now will mean more free press, more volunteers taking notice, more donors having the confidence to write bigger checks, and more support from organizations who will be prioritizing their resources for the big races this Fall.

The District

This district is comprised of the city of Bensalem and was previously represented by Republican Gene D. DiGirolamo since 1995. The district has been represented by Republicans since early 1970s. Up until the vacancy, it was the second-most Democratic district in the state held by a Republican.

There are a little over 63,000 residents according to the 2010 Census. The last General Election here drew 22,767 voters in 2018. The Democrat received 43.5% of the vote then.

About “Howie”

The ballot will have the Democrat listed as Harold Hayes. But, he’s running and introducing himself as Howie. Howie is a Master Plumber with the Plumbers Local 690. He’s a former small business owner and a lifelong Democrat.

We can do our part to give Howie Hayes as big a lift as possible for this first election. The rest is up to him and his team. Let’s work our mailbox magic and give Democrats there some real hope for a truly blue year.

Write on! ~Tony The Democrat
What? Special Election
When? Tuesday, March 17
Who? Democrat Harold “Howie” Hayes
For? State House
Why? Howie is a strong ally to working families. You’ll be one, too, when you vote blue.
How? Be a voter!

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