Campaign #183 is for Michael Schroeder in PA


We write our 183rd postcarding campaign in support of Michael Schroeder running in a Special Election for Pennsylvania State Senate. The election is a ways off, but the list is big and we need to help create a buzz within the community of Democrats there. So, we’re writing early to give folks a chance to generate word of mouth and perhaps help the campaign attract volunteers – something harder to do in the holiday season.

Pennsylvania Democrats are currently at a historic moment where they are just four seats away from taking back the majority in their State Senate. With your help and the election of Mike Schroeder, they will be one step and seat closer when the 2020 cycle begins.

About the election

This seat became vacant when the Republican incumbent resigned after being charged with a felony in September. Democrats conducted a nominating process which drew five candidates. Michael Schroeder, an Associate Professor of History, earned the nomination. We are working with the Pennsylvania Senate Democratic Campaign Committee, the candidate, and his team to work some mailbox magic in the hopes that a January Special Election could present the best opportunity to flip this seat.

Heading into 2018, PA Dems were facing a Republican super majority in the State Senate. They are now seats away from taking the majority. Next year, the Pennsylvania legislature gets to redraw their electoral maps. If PA Dems can secure a majority, they we will have the ability to draw fair districts and ensure fair representation across the entire commonwealth.

Michael is a first-time candidate. But, by virtue of being a history professor, environmental activist, and award-winning scholar, he’s put together a comprehensive platform. He’s exactly the kind of candidate who can benefit the most from Postcards to Voters.

In his own words

“To learn more about why I’m in this race and my positions on the many issues facing PA citizens and lawmakers today, I invite you to visit the “Values & Issues” page of my website. I believe in fair play. In widely shared moral principles, like fairness, justice, and the equal dignity of every human person. I believe there is such a thing as the public good, and that it is the proper role of government to pursue it. I solemnly pledge that if elected, I will bring to this Senate seat an abiding sense of authentic public service. My goal is simple: to serve the best interests of all the people of Senate District 48.”

It’s a Special Election during a time of year not usually known for elections. There will not be a lot of money otherwise spent from either campaign. And while this is a state legislative election, Democrats across the district are very likely to be highly motivated and should be counted on to be readily mobilized by your fun, friendly election reminders.

Holiday Writing

One memorable time we wrote over the holidays for a special election was for Mary Alice Carfi in Tennessee. She didn’t win, but she made huge inroads and gave the Republicans a real scare. She came very close to winning by under 200 votes if I remember correctly.

What’s different this time is that we’re writing earlier, the list is longer, and the election date is after the holidays, not in the middle of them.

Let’s give these Pennsylvania Democrats something special in their mail to inspire them to one of the first flips of 2020.

Write on!  ~Tony The Democrat

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