Campaign #182 is for Dr. Kristin Beard for School Board in SC


Early next month, there will be a special election to choose new Aiken County school board trustees in three districts; one of those is District 8. We’ve been asked to help mom and true blue progressive Dr. Kristin Beard win her race for District 8. The seats up for election are open because the former board members resigned in response to underhanded and overtly political action by more conservative board members to unexpectedly and unnecessarily oust the district’s superintendent.

About The District

Just days after the superintended stepped down, the state released this district’s school report card: Aiken County schools preformed better than they had in 15 years! Dr. Beard is ready work to ensure that the progress of her district under its former superintendent isn’t wiped away by unchallenged, conservative policy-making.

Dr. Beard is running in a 4-way race against two conservative-leaning moderates and one “true red” conservative running with the support of the county GOP. While Kristin, like all the candidates has filled as unaffiliated, she is the only candidate with the support of the membership of the local Democratic Party. Another candidate, Govenettio, claims to be a progressive, but he is not; he campaigned hard AGAINST a bond referendum needed to renovate some 75-ish year old schools in town!

Thanks to the hard work of Dr. Beard and many many other volunteers and progressive voters the referendum passed: 2 new schools are being built right now, 4 are undergoing major renovation, and property taxes went from about $750 to $775 per year on a $175K house (a comfortable single family home).

The Opponent

The candidate with the backing of the GOP, Wheelon, is running a campaign focused on undoing a rezoning effort that was undertaken 2 years ago to relieve overcrowding at several schools. In a discussion on Facebook with supporters, his opposition to the zoning change focused on potential negative impacts on property values, not student needs. Kristin has stood alone out of the four candidates as a voice for progress and data-driven future-focused policy making, while the other candidates have spoken about moving the district backwards to make it great (again?).

The constituents of district 8, and Aiken County as a whole, deserve a voice championing progressive values on the school board. Dr. Kristin Beard will be that voice. Currently there are ZERO liberals on the Aiken county school board, even though in both 2008 and 2016 roughly 38% of Aiken voted for Democrats.

In Kristin’s own words

“I believe my experiences – as a researcher, a college instructor, and a special needs mom — have taught me a lot and given me a unique and valuable perspective, which I can bring to the school board. Most importantly, I have learned to never give up looking for the best answers. If elected, I will dedicate myself to finding tested and true solutions to the challenges our district faces: solutions that work in our community and respect the developmental needs of all students.”

“As a member of the school board, I will bring a scientist’s data-driven mind, a mother’s heart and tenacity, and the willingness to support our teachers and staff through transparent practices and decision making that always puts Aiken’s children first.”

To learn more about Dr. Beard and her vision for Aiken County Schools visit her Facebook page:

Let’s back Kristin so that she can bring a progressive voice to the Aiken County School Board. Write on!

What? Special Election
When? Tuesday, December 10
Who? Progressive Kristin Beard
For? Aiken County School Board
Why? To put students first in Aiken!
How? Be a voter!

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