Campaign #181 is for Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards


Louisiana just had elections statewide. But, in any of the contests with more than two candidates, if no one received more than 50% of the vote, they are headed to a run-off election on Saturday, November 16. Among those is Louisiana’s incumbent Democratic Governor John Bel Edwards.

The Gubernatorial debate was last night. Perhaps you tuned in to learn more about the differences between Governor Edwards and the GOP challenger, contractor Eddie Rispone. According to The Advocate, “The debate takes place at a time when the two candidates are essentially tied in advance of the Nov. 16 runoff, according to a poll conducted from Oct. 24-26 by John Couvillon for Nexstar television stations in Louisiana. Edwards had 48%, Rispone 46% and 6% were undecided. The poll had a margin of error of 4 percentage points.”

Various studies using control groups have shown that handwritten election reminder postcards can boost turnout between one and four percentage points. With the prospect of such a close election and shrunken voter turnout for a mid-November run-off, your cards could help decide the outcome.

Will the Deep South’s only Democratic Governor secure re-election?

Rasmussen Reports has a detailed analysis of the Governors’ mansions up for grabs this year and next. They have Louisiana’s at the hottest contest. Their conclusion, “We’re going to start this race as Leans Democratic, owing to Edwards’ incumbency and relative lack of controversy. But this could become a Toss-up in a hurry given how red Louisiana is.” Trump carried the state by 20 points.

You can read that report here:…/governors_2019_2020_democ…

Some of his accomplishments as Governor include the rise from a $2 billion budget shortfall to what’s now an estimated surplus of $500 million, the $1,000 teacher pay raise, lower unemployment, and Medicaid expansion.


John Bel Edwards is not without some controversy among Democrats, though. Earlier this year, the chair of Louisiana’s Democratic party, State Sen. Karen Carter Peterson, repeatedly slammed a law signed by Edwards that banned abortions at about six weeks of pregnancy as “embarrassing,” exposing the highest-profile rift between Edwards and his own party. But, we are working with the state party on this GOTV postcarding effort to get him re-elected. That’s just how politics is sometimes.

There are many advantages to having a Democrat as Governor, even if they are not a progressive Democrat. Appointments and other powers are held by the person in that office. Decisions and priorities can steer the state in one direction or the other. Do we want to sit on the sidelines and not do anything to help keep a conservative Republican from winning?

We have only 11 days to write and mail a targeted list of Democratic voters provided by the state party. I hope you agree with me that this is a campaign worth supporting. Edwards’ re-election will be symbolic as well heading into 2020.

Write on!    ~Tony The Democrat

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  1. Hello, I’m planning a postcarding party here in Los Angeles this Saturday evening. When is the last day to mail the postcards for John Bel Edwards?

    1. Since the election in Louisiana is on Saturday, all postcards must be in the mail processing systems of the Post Office on Saturday before they close. If your party is Saturday evening, that means you cannot get them in the mail until Tuesday. (Monday is a Postal Holiday.) So, you won’t be able to write to Louisiana Saturday night. We will have a new campaign for you by then. Stay tuned. Thanks!

  2. I also cannot mail out cards before Tuesday. Please don’t send me the Louisiana addresses, but send a new campaign info.

    1. We never send anyone addresses unless they specifically request them. Whenever you want address, you can request them through text, email, Facebook, or our web form. Unfortunately, we cannot fulfill address requests from this blog comment section since we don’t have a way of knowing your email address or cell phone number. Text HELLO to (484) 275-2229 or email us to request addresses any time you are ever ready. Thanks for writing with us!

  3. How would Jaime Harrison, new candidate opposing Lindsey Graham, get involved in Voters ? Many of us in SC would be thrilled to write for him, and he is a very impressive candidate.

    1. Thanks for asking! Once a Democratic candidate secures their Party’s nomination after a successful Primary election in 2020, they can reach out to us by completing the Campaign form on our web site at

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