Nope, we didn’t skip them…Promise!

Midterms are a tad hectic for us, as you can imagine. Following are some tidbits regarding Campaigns 179 & 180.

Campaign #179 was for a slate of 5 Democrats (Koch, Campolongo, Keller, Shaw, and Brunner) running to flip the Whitpain Township board in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania is a battleground state and we need momentum at the local level to ensure that our national candidates win in 2020. To learn more about these wonderful candidates, please visit their website:

Campaign #180 was for Wendy McDonald for State House in Mississippi. Wendy would be the first woman elected to represent HD122. Mississippi needs women like Wendy in office that care about future generations, from quality public education, to good paying jobs, to ensuring that the wetlands of the gulf are pristine for the next generation.

Even without a big roll-out, these short lists were completed in record time, thanks to the 300+ writers who answered Abby’s call.

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Write on!

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