Campaign #178 is for Karen Keys-Gamarra in Virginia!


Two years ago, we wrote for Karen Keys-Gamarra for Fairfax County School Board in Virginia as our 8th campaign. 170 campaigns later, she’s running for re-election and has turned to us for help getting the word out to voters in Virginia’s largest public school system. In fact, it’s the country’s 10th largest with over 180,000 students enrolled.

For all the history and controversy over its 149 years, the Fairfax County School Board saw its only African-American Board Member elected in 2017 when Karen won with 63.9% of the vote. (Karen is still the only African American elected county-wide in Fairfax County.)

Karen is facing an uphill battle for re-election

Republicans have launched a 1950’s anti-desegregation style campaign that focuses on scare tactics that demonizes children of color and minorities. Some of their other tactics have included:

  • Spreading lies about busing expansion to scare some parents into thinking their children will be sent to different schools.
  • At televised debates, calling Democrats incompetent, arrogant, and stupid liars.
  • Saying that children with ADHD and ADD are “silly” and “just need to work harder.”
  • Threatening to restrict access to special education.
  • Smearing the Student Representative to the Board based on her race.
  • Railing against LGBTQ students and dismissing the importance of equity in public schools.

This mother of 3 is a battle-tested school board member with a proven track record of getting things done.

  • Advocated to invest in teacher’s salaries and smaller class sizes
  • Fought to expand access to advanced academics and language programs to improve special education services with professional development for staff and support to parents
  • To revise the discipline policy to provide restorative justice, keep kids in school and eliminate disparities
  • Improve anti-bullying efforts and mental health supports
  • Remove confederate names from schools and provide a more accurate portrayal of American history
  • Provide menstrual products for girls in bathrooms
  • To make sure that every kid has access to education without barriers.
In Karen’s own words

“I know what it feels like to be a parent who worries about a child. As an Attorney and Guardian ad litem who represents children in difficult situations like abuse and neglect, I understand the difficulties that children can experience. As a Board member, I strive to serve every child by name and by need, and to open up opportunity for every child to create a caring educational environment where our children discover their potential and are prepared for their best future.”

Here is a link to a video (April 8, 2019) of Karen’s reasons for running for School Board:

Here is another link to a video (October 26, 2017 – about 45 days after becoming a School Board member) of Karen supporting and helping to successfully change the name of a high school from a Confederate General’s name to “Justice High School”.

Here is another video (March 11, 2019 – first 13 minutes) of Karen being interviewed on various issues, such as, the One Fairfax equity, Title One Schools, Quality Education in all parts of the county, easy access to menstrual products, security resource officers and other issues.

The constituents deserve someone like Karen Keys-Gamarra who is leading the fight for all kids, county-wide. Plus, Fairfax County includes 17 different House of Delegates districts, and nine Senate districts. So, writing to Democratic voters encouraging them to show up to vote for Karen will boost turnout for all of those other great Democratic candidates.

We can do this

We can help Karen get re-elected to keep doing great work for all students, families, and educators in Fairfax County while boosting winning turnout for over a dozen other Democratic candidates.

Write on!  ~Tony The Democrat

What? General Election
When? Tuesday, November 5
Who? Democrat Karen Keys-Gamarra
For? School Board
Why? Re-elect the mom opening doors to all students’ brightest futures.
How? Be a voter!

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  1. I did only 20 postcards for Karen Keys-Gamarra, but I hope it helped a little. I am thrilled to hear she won last night! Congratulations, Fairfax County School District – – you kept a board member who REALLY cares about your kids!

    1. She happened to call me today to thank everyone for their help. She won handily, but there is never any certainty about how these things will turn out. Thanks for writing with us!

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