Campaign #177 is for Joe Bradford in Mississippi


Every election holds out promise and opportunity. The general election in Mississippi this November is no exception. There are key issues around which candidates and interest groups are working on to turn public opinion. Among them –> An increase in funding and support of public education, desperately needed infrastructure repairs, and access to rural health care.

About Joe

Democrat Joe Bradford is running for the Mississippi State House in District 78. One of his most prominent endorsements has been from the Mississippi Public Education PAC. The PAC was founded in 2016 by a small group of passionate public school parents from around the state. Its mission is to endorse and work to elect pro-public education candidates to the Mississippi Legislature. It’s a grassroots effort that has grown to include advocates from more than 40 communities across the Mississippi.


Joe’s opponent is supported by state and national organizations that push to divert public dollars to private school vouchers and school choice. This leaves public schools increasingly underfunded. Mississippi state legislators have already been under-funding public schools using a flawed funding formula. Another major funding challenge is paying for all the necessary repairs of roadways and other vital infrastructure. Since there’s not been sufficient leadership to tackle this budget item, roads, bridges, water treatment systems, and other fundamental infrastructure projects keep getting neglected year after year. Finally but not least, rural hospitals across the state have been closing due to the Republicans’ short-sighted policy to refuse to Medicaid expansion.

This office is held for a term of four years. There are 122 Representatives in Mississippi’s House. In 2015, the incumbent in this district won with 64% of the 7,108 votes cast. We’re banking on the tide turning and voters’ increased awareness of these funding priorities. Joe and his team along with groups that share a keen interest to restore these budget priorities are working a field program to get out the vote. They’ve been at this for months with public appearances and door-to-door canvassing.

With such low turnout and we’ll do what we do best which is writing fun, friendly election reminders to every single Democratic voter in the district.

In Joe’s own words

“If we want our state to succeed, we must make public education the priority and seek guidance from our professional educators. We must invest and strengthen our public education by fully funding education. This will ensure that students, teachers and families have the resources available for them to succeed.”

Let’s write these cards for Joe, sure. But keep in mind we’re also writing them for every public school student and educator. We’re doing this for every rural resident who deserves access to medical care.

Write on! ~Tony The Democrat

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