Campaign #184 is for Evangeline Beechler in ID


It’s our first #PostcardsToVoters campaign in Idaho! (And it’s a very short list. So, get your addresses quickly.) We have our very own volunteer writer Rhonda Miracle and Idahoan for this referral. TY TY TY!

A group of concerned City of Caldwell residents combed through city code and found a 30 year old city code that stated that anyone running for a city council position must win by a majority. The November 5th election provided no one with the 50% + 1 needed to ensure a victory. Candidate Evangeline Beechler, a Democrat, called for a runoff. The group of residents discovered that the code was being ignored by municipal, county, and state officials. And so, Caldwell is heading to a runoff election between Democrat Evangeline Beechler and former Republican state senator and convicted sexual harasser John McGee.

Reasons John McGee CANNOT be elected to the Caldwell City Council

A former Republican State Senator, John McGee resigned in 2012 amid accusation of sexually harassing young women in the Idaho statehouse.

McGee was on probation for the 2011 DUI conviction, in which he received a withheld judgment and more serious charges of stealing and damaging a vehicle were dismissed, when he sexually harassed a 25-year-old female Senate staffer in February. Deputy Ada County prosecutor Jean Fisher told the court that McGee called the staffer “into his office, locked the door and demanded that she engage in graphic sexual conduct.” The victim escaped, but when she was afraid to report McGee, he continued a “barrage of disturbing and offensive sexual innuendo,” Fisher said.

After an investigation, a criminal charge of disturbing the peace was filed against McGee, along with a charge of violating his probation.…/ex-idaho-sen-mcgee-jailed-for-…/

Here is some of the messaging from McGee’s press coverage using dog whistles to spread homophobic and bigoted messages:

  • Keep Caldwell Conservative
  • The Idaho Democratic party is using it’s resources and power to stop me from winning.
  • His supporters on the 2nd amendment alliance page are posting pictures of Evangeline and her partner, using homophobic slurs, and are posting images of Evangeline with dog whistle words such as Commie, etc.
About Caldwell

Caldwell is a growing city in the Treasure Valley of Idaho, with 36.5% of its population made of a growing Latinx population and 51% women. Yet, if Van (short for Evangeline) does not win the runoff election, the city will be represented by an all white and all male council. Caldwell deserves to have representation for all of its community members. Evangeline will be that champion and will continue to do the hard work while reaching out her hand to help other members of the community to come into essential leadership positions.

In Evangeline’s own words

“I will focus on ensuring transparency, seeking innovative ideas for the future of our city and ensuring that every citizen of Caldwell has a seat at the table. As a city on the move, we must restore our citizens’ faith in their government and those who they’ve elected to serve them. …I’ll also seek to find innovative ways to invest in every corner of our community so that we can unleash the potential that our city has. I will also commit to you that I will work tirelessly to make sure that decisions are made with everybody’s voice in mind — because as city leaders, we work for you, not the other way around. I know together we can strive to keep Caldwell a place where we can all live, work and play. Caldwell can continue to be a place where families and businesses in every neighborhood of our city thrive together. We have a unique opportunity with this historic runoff. I need your help to finish what we started.”

You can also listen to her interviews here…/277-f7d8e5ed-60d5-4401-84ab-c1198b92……/city-of-caldwell-conducting-unprec…

This is a *very* short list which will be gone in a flash. Thank you for backing Evangeline so that she can ensure all of the voices in Caldwell have a seat at the table.

Write on!  ~Tony The Democrat

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