Campaign #168 is for Russ Bradford’s Runoff in TN


It seems like only 4 #PostcardsToVoters campaigns ago, we were writing for Russ Bradford in TN for Metro Council. Wait. It *was* only 4 campaigns ago.

Russ is in a runoff election for this municipal seat and he stands a solid chance of winning – if only enough of those very few voters last time come out a second time and vote again in a few weeks.

The City Council

You may recall that the Metropolitan Council is the legislative body of the consolidated city-county government of Nashville, Tennessee and Davidson County. The Council has 40 members, 35 of which are district council representatives, and five of which are council members at-large. Russ is running for one of the district seats. In the election just passed, he received 783 votes and was in 1st place. But, it wasn’t more than 50% because of the other candidates running. Russ and the second-place finisher are in the runoff.

You can imagine how if that few people voted the first time, this second go-round is going to have even fewer. Each postcard you send could literally mean the difference between a win or a loss here.

After the numbers were analyzed, Russ emailed me to say, “I met several voters who said they were going to vote for me because they got the postcards! We saw a 4% increase in voters and 200 more voters came out just to vote for the council race instead of the mayor’s race!” This is terrific feedback.

Russ is one of a large slate of LGBTQ candidates endorsed by the Victory Fund. We’ve written for a few of their candidates in the past including James Bowers who won a seat on the Lincoln, Nebraska City Council back in May. This seat on the Metro Council in Nashville is within reach of being won by a true, blue progressive.

Why He’s Running

“I want to be a voice for our community that has been ignored and will fight to protect our neighborhoods from irresponsible development. I will ensure that Metro’s budget is fair to everyone and provides adequate pay for Metro employees without placing an undue burden on the taxpayers. My family taught me the value of service and giving back. Many in my family have served in the military or have served their communities as teachers. I feel that now is the time for me to step up and give back to this amazing city that welcomed me with open arms and provided me with so much opportunity.”

The local Law Enforcement and Firefighters’ unions along with Victory Fund, CWA, SEIU, MNEA, and others endorse Russ. Let’s pick up our pens again and write to every Democrat in the district so that turnout in the runoff election will make history.

NOTE: Do not write to the addresses you may have received last round for Russ

We’re tracking the address assignments and need everyone participating to ask for fresh lists of addresses for the runoff. Otherwise, things get complicated quickly. Thanks and…

Write on!

~Tony The Democrat

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