Campaign #167 is for Dr. Jenn Rager-Kay in PA


What? Special Election
When? This coming Tuesday, August 20
Who? Democrat Dr. Jenn Rager-Kay
For? State Representative
Why? Put people’s healthcare and well-being first with a doctor in the State House.
How? Be a voter!

Earlier this year, we wrote for a Democrat running in a Special Election for Congress in Pennsylvania. Marc Friedenberg did not win. The Republican opponent had been in the State House. With that seat vacant, it led to another Special Election in Pennsylvania’s 85th State House District. On August 20, voters will decide between a coal miner’s daughter who is now a physician and a Republican who got his spot on the ballot after a controversial nominating process. (To read more on that, click here:

We have a very short list which we will need to write and mail in one day. But, we can do it. We’ve done it before. If enough people pause their writing for our other campaign and write 5 postcards each for Dr. Jenn, the list will be finished in a snap.

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About the District

You must know that Jenn’s district is solid red. She ran for the same seat last November and only got 32% of the vote. But, this is a special election in August. It’s the only thing on the ballot. And with the local GOP fractured between who finagled a nomination and another who has a write-in campaign underway, there’s a chance to flip this seat. If we can get enough Democrats to plan to vote, that is.

In Jenn’s own words

“As a native of rural Pennsylvania, my commitment to faith, family and future echo many in this district. Being a coal miner’s daughter, I can appreciate concerns for losing such a vital resource of jobs and energy. With my father having served in The United States Marine Corp during the Vietnam War and myself being a member of both the VFW Auxiliary and Marine Corp League Auxiliary, I have a tremendous amount of respect for our veterans and care strongly about their treatment. Since moving back to Pennsylvania after completing my medical training, I have been actively involved in creating change in my community. The mother of a 6-year-old son, I am truly invested and committed to the growth and sustainability of our region. And it is my duty as a physician to bring awareness to the health and welfare of those living here. It is these two issues for which I have chosen as the focus for my campaign platform. My ideas for community and state economic growth and how it relates to ensuring the personal and environmental well-being of residents further supports my emphasis of putting people first. This campaign is not about me and it is not about conforming to typical partisan politics. I am running for office to serve as a voice for the people of my district and to fight for what is right, not what is expected.”

For contrast, two examples of wrong-headed proposals from her Republican opponent are:

  • No gun law reform (In PA long guns can be sold between two individuals without background checks or responsibility of ownership transfer)
  • No increase in minimum wage (PA is one of only a few states that still has the bottom minimum wage requirement of $7.25)

Here is a link to Jennifer’s Campaign video

Let’s write to these Dems in Pennsylvania. After all, it’s one of the states where everyone recognizes the importance of strengthening the habit of voting among Democrats. And, in this list, we’ll be writing habitual Dem voters as well as infrequent Dem voters. We want them to vote for Dr. Jenn. We also want them to get into and stay in the habit of voting blue.

This very short list is only available to returning writers from Abby the Address Bot. Click: or text HELLO to (484) 275-2229

Write on!

~Tony The Democrat

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