Campaign #166: Dan McCready for U.S. Congress, District 9 in NC


What? Special Election
When? Tuesday, September 10
Who? Democrat Dan McCready
For? Congress
Why? Bring NC families together for middle class tax cuts and lower healthcare costs.
How? Be a voter!

You couldn’t be blamed for not remembering a 2018 Congressional election in North Carolina that became the subject of ballot fraud. Voters in that state’s 9th district would come to learn some shocking details of Republican dirty tricks that led to a unanimous decision by the State Board of Elections calling for a new election. For a quick primer on the unfolding events, click here:

The new election is set for September 10 and will find Democrat Dan McCready appearing on the ballot again for this do-over. There will be a new Republican this time along with a different narrative for what’s at stake. In the 2018 midterms, it was mostly about Democrats wanting to take back the House. Well, we did that. This Special Election is drawing near as voters are beginning to think about the 2020 Presidential contest. The headlines of the day give the other side something else with which to scare and distract voters.

Our job is to send a wave of fun, friendly, fully-handwritten election reminders to every Democratic voter in the district asking them to plan to vote and reminding them what Dan is fighting for.

About Dan

Dan McCready is a Marine Corps veteran, small business owner, husband, and father of four. In his own words, “I’m running for Congress to work across the aisle to lower healthcare costs that are crushing the budgets of our families. I’m running to strengthen our public schools. I’m running to cut middle class taxes to help more families and small businesses get ahead. I’m running to bring us together.”

Hopefully, his message of unity will resonate with enough voters who aren’t Democrats in the 9th Congressional District where Trump won by 12.6 points. It’s a very red place, but it’s also been worked for over a year by a dedicated campaign team and enthusiastic local volunteers. The length of the campaign has been an advantage. He now has campaign chiefs in all nine of the district’s counties including five in the important Charlotte suburbs.

At most McCready events with supporters, he speaks with them about his education plan, his health care plan, and the outrage of having an election stolen out from under them. His voters are quite content with that message. No national politics necessary. As always, it’s important to stick to the talking points. Let’s make sure every campaign collectible we mail stays true to how he’s been running. The outcome of this election depends on the strength of Democratic voters’ determination to turn out and vote along with Dan’s success in connecting the “country over party” message to non-Democrats.

Let’s do our part well and trust he and his team have a solid plan for their part. Thanks, too for patiently waiting to get in on this Special Election.

Write on!

~Tony The Democrat

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