Campaign #169 is for Allen Thomas for Congress in NC


There will be two Special Elections in North Carolina in a few weeks. One has the attention of the national media and all of the PAC’s and pundits. In fact, we just spent over two weeks writing to every single Democratic voter in that other district to boost winning turnout. We finished ahead of schedule. So, we’re going to do what true blue Dem activists in this situation would do: We’re going to write for the other NC Democratic candidate and help them win, too!

About The Election

Former Greenville Mayor Allen Thomas is running in Eastern North Carolina (ENC as the locals often abbreviate it) for the open 3rd Congressional District. The former Republican incumbent died earlier this year. In this Special Election, the Republican nominee has campaigned on his support of Trump. That’s a safe bet since the 3rd is comfortably Republican.

Trump won 60% of the vote here in 2016. In fact, no Democrat ran for Congress at all in 2018 where the district is located in the eastern portion of the state and includes all or parts of Currituck, Camden, Pasquotank, Perquimans, Chowan, Tyrrell, Dare, Hyde, Beaufort, Pamlico, Carteret, Pitt, Craven, Onslow, Jones, Lenoir, and Greene counties.

So, why would a Dem run now?

Well, Special Elections are historically much, much lower in turnout. When neither opponent is the incumbent, that eliminates the power of the incumbency in an election. Every month that passes, Trump inflicts more damage to himself and those tied closely to him (as well as to the country, tragically). Often, the party that holds the electoral advantage can suffer from over confidence. In 2017 and 2018, we saw plenty of red seats flip to blue because our voters were simply more energized.

Your five or ten fun, friendly, fully-handwritten notes to vote can fuel that Democratic voter surge in this part of NC. We can let the pundits and pollsters say what they will, but it always comes down to turnout. We can see from our own past campaign results, what matters is who shows up to vote now, not who used to show up to vote in the past.

I can point you to the fact that according to the FEC filings for the end of June, Allen Thomas had twice as much remaining cash on hand as the GOP opponent. (Granted, the GOP side has out-raised our side by roughly $200,000.) I can also send you links to the latest video ads. But, the time you’d be spending to watch those videos, you could be using to ask Abby the Address Bot for addresses.

What You Can Do

We’re not asking you to write 50 or 100. Just five or ten. We have the list prioritized. So, even if we cannot finish the entire thing, we will be writing first to the households with the best odds of connecting to a serious Democratic voter.

I know what it’s like to wonder the day after an election if there was anything more I could have done to help. With the November elections just a tad out of reach for us to begin writing and mailing today, let’s use this time to help Eastern North Carolinians. The farmers, laborers, and families of rural communities that need real help from a Democrat in Congress. Not Trump lip service.

In Thomas’ own words, “Weeks ago, President Donald Trump held a rally in my home, Greenville, North Carolina. At this rally, many decided to chant “send her back,” referring to an elected congresswoman. If elected, I want to demonstrate that this is not who we are. We are accepting, and open to the value that diversity brings to our communities, and I will work to ensure that the people of my district are welcomed, and represented.”

After you write your #PostcardsToVoters for Allen Thomas, I know you’ll feel better for it. The voters will feel better for receiving a gentle reminder from you. And Speaker Pelosi will be proud of the effort to send another member to her caucus.

Write on! ~Tony The Democrat

What? Special Election
When? Tuesday, September 10
Who? Democrat Allen Thomas
For? Congress
Why? Real people who admire ENC from afar see what’s at stake in your election.
How? Be a voter!

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