Campaign #164 is for Russ Bradford in TN


For our 164th Postcards to Voters campaign, we return to Tennessee to write in support of Democrat Russ Bradford in his bid for Nashville’s Metro Council from District 13. The election is right around the corner on August 1st which is a Thursday. Your election reminders can help voters plan ahead and remember to vote for Russ.

The Metropolitan Council is the legislative body of the consolidated city-county government of Nashville, Tennessee and Davidson County. The Council has 40 members, 35 of which are district council representatives, and five of which are council members at-large. Russ is running for one of the district seats. 111 candidates filed to run for all the seats up for election. Talk about a lengthy ballot!

Now, on to the one we’re focused on

We all read the same headlines and watch the same news shows. Russ’ Republican opponent has been quoted as saying some things that seem to come from the same vein of backwards thinking. Here are a few of the nuggets the opponent has actually printed onto campaign mailers:

“I have been attacked by liberals because I stand for traditional family values.”

“I believe marriage is for one man and one woman. The LGBTQ lobby has endorsed my opponent.”

“If white men are all about maintaining power and control, has anybody ever figured out how women and minorities ever got the right to vote? I mean hasn’t every advancement that women and minorities attained been through the legal process by white men in places of power and control?”

“When we say someone looks like an ape, it’s just humor.”

About Russ

Russ is one of a large slate of LGBTQ candidates endorsed by the Victory Fund. We’ve written for a few of their candidates in the past including James Bowers who won a seat on the Lincoln, Nebraska City Council back in May. This seat on the Metro Council in Nashville is a contest between a true, blue progressive and an ultra conservative with troubling ideas about the rights of women and communities of color.

When asked why he’s running, Russ answered, “I want to be a voice for our community that has been ignored. I will fight to protect our neighborhoods from irresponsible development. I will ensure that Metro’s budget is fair to everyone and provides adequate pay for Metro employees without placing an undue burden on the taxpayers. My family taught me the value of service and giving back. Many in my family have served in the military or have served their communities as teachers. I feel that now is the time for me to step up and give back to this amazing city that welcomed me with open arms and provided me with so much opportunity.”

It’s such a stark choice between these two candidates. We can’t stand by and watch as another Republican with wrong-headed and indeed harmful beliefs grabs the reins of power in elected office.

The local Law Enforcement and Firefighters’ unions along with Victory Fund, CWA, SEIU, MNEA, and others endorse Russ. Let’s join them in backing Russ’ candidacy so that every Democrat in the district has a chance to vote for him and finally have a voice speaking up for them on the Metro Council.

Since the list will probably be done in a few days, addresses will only be available from Abby the Address Bot. We will not have any to send via email.

Write on! ~Tony The Democrat

What? Municipal Election
When? Thursday, August 1
Who? Democrat Russ Bradford
For? Metro Council
Why? Time for a voice on the council that speaks up for you.
How? Be a voter!

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