Campaign #163 is for Kelli Dunaway in MO


This month, we’ve been asked to write #PostcardsToVoters to help a Democrat in a St. Louis County Council Special Election. Following a scandal that caused a shake up in county government, Democrat Kelli Dunaway is running to restore honor and integrity to county government. This is the swing seat on the County Council. The winner of this special election will decide which party holds the majority on the County Council.

The residents of St. Louis County deserve a strong, hard-working, progressive mom like Kelli. Someone who will restore honor and integrity to a Council that has recently been embroiled in corruption scandals. When she wins, the Saint Louis County Council will become the only women-majority legislative body in Missouri. With your help, Postcards to Voters will rally enough Democratic voters to make history!

In Kelli’s own words

“Thank you all so much for investing your time and resources into helping #TeamKelli. We are working hard to reach as many voters as we can! We’re knocking on doors, reaching out on social media, and letting folks know that this special election will decide a pivotal seat for Democrats at an important time in our region’s history. St. Louis County has been rocked the past several years by social unrest and political scandals. There is a new generation of political leaders ready to bring more equity and more opportunity to the region. I’m part of that new wave of social justice leadership and I need your help to move St. Louis County forward.”

Since the list will probably be done in a few days, addresses will only be available from Abby the Address Bot. We will not have any to send via email.

Write on! ~Tony The Democrat

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