Campaign #165 is for Carrie Counton in SC


What are some of the elements that can influence a dramatic outcome in a legislative district that has been historically Republican?

– An open seat so that you aren’t running against an incumbent Republican.
– A Special Election in a month when there is typically not a lot of buzz about elections.
– The Republican candidate is someone with multiple documented ethics violations.
– The Democratic candidate is a woman running against a Republican male.
– Have the Republican be someone who has suffered embarrassment in their local GOP like being ousted as County Chair.
– A Democratic candidate who has demonstrated a fierce campaigning work ethic as recently as November 2018.
– Turnout projection that hovers around only 2,500 votes total.
– An overly confident Republican candidate who’s only putting out yard signs. He hasn’t been calling, canvassing, or mailing.
– The looming prospect of a so-called Heartbeat Bill return from being tabled in 2019 to being voted on in 2020.

These are the elements in play in South Carolina’s 19th State House District where Democrat Carrie Counton is running for the second time. When she ran last year in the General Election, she was the first Democratic challenger in 14 years that the 22-year incumbent and 75-year old Republican had ever had. He ran for and won a State Senate race creating this vacancy for which a Special Election will be held August 20.

With such a low turnout predicted and the GOP feeling overly confident because of the redness of the District, we’ve been asked to boost Democratic voter turnout with our postcards. But, you should know this is a steep climb for Carrie and her team. When Obama last ran, he lost this district by 27.8%. Clinton lost it by 24.9%. And last November, Carrie lost it by 22.5%. So, the margin is narrowing. A Special Election might be just the opportunity to flip it.

The list of friendly Democratic voters to write is quite short and we will likely finish this in 2-3 days if everyone chips in 5-10 postcards apiece. So, the burden to us isn’t that heavy. And the chance to help Carrie make news and to give the local Democratic Party a win to motivate their base in advance of the battle against Senator Lindsey Graham is worth it.

Thanks for considering lending your time, supplies, and postage to Carrie in South Carolina.

~Tony The Democrat

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