Campaign #161 is for Kelly Smith in Florida


What? Special Election
When? Tuesday, June 18
Who? Democrat Kelly Smith
For? State House
Why? Better healthcare, quality public education, and higher wages are just a start.
Be a voter!

The Republican incumbent in Florida House District 38 resigned to take a job in the new Governor’s administration. The Governor made that appointment because this district seemed like a safe one for the GOP to keep.

But, this vacancy is a good chance for Democrats to flip it. Trump won this district with 56%. In November, the Republican Governor won it with 54%. That’s a drop of 2 points in two years. While that might seem foreboding, Democrats have closed gaps greater than that recently. And, with all of the attention on women’s reproductive rights and how other state legislatures are passing outrageous laws rolling back women’s rights, this Special Election has a few things in the mix to shine a path to a Democratic win.

About Kelly

Kelly Smith is the Democrat running for this State House seat. Her opponent has never held office. I wasn’t able to find anything to suggest he’d ever even run for office before. The GOP pick does not have the personal or professional qualifications that Kelly does. Kelly ran for Pasco County Commissioner in 2018. Five of the seven precincts that she won happen to be in Florida House District 38.

Kelly and her husband adopted three children through foster care. She is currently an operations coordinator with an international engineering firm specializing in transportation. She’s running on a platform of environmental protection, education and eradicating income inequality.

You can listen to her being interviewed on a popular podcast here:…/episode/kelly-smith-jimmy-peluso-…/

She was also a guest on a YouTube channel interview here:

What can we do?

Not long ago, we wrote to Democrats in Pasco County who were not already enrolled in Vote By Mail to do so. This House District is entirely within Pasco County. What that means is that every Democrat who enrolled will receive a ballot in the mail automatically. It’s our first true test to see what sort of a difference increased enrollment in VBM can have in a special election.

Her opponent’s website and literature has no information on his platform or where he stands on the issues. Why is that? Probably because he’s going to vote the way the Republican leaders tell him to vote. He doesn’t need to have ideas of his own. He also dodged an opportunity for a candidate forum. You can read more about that here:…/why-wont-randy-maggard-face-vo…/

So, you know the drill. It’s a special election. In June. Much lower turnout is expected than in any November election. The outcome will hinge on which base of voters is more determined. Your #PostcardsToVoters reminding them (since quite a few might still need to vote in person), could make the winning difference here.

Let’s write to every friendly Democrat on her list to reinforce the Vote By Mail enrollment investment we’ve already made. Thank you for helping!

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