Campaign #162 is for Ryan Terrell in Florida


What? Special Election
When? Tuesday, June 18
Who? Democrat Ryan Terrell
For? State House
Why? Justice and opportunity for all in the Never Forgotten Coast.
How? Be a voter!

The new Republican Governor of Florida appointed the Republican State Representative from District 7 to head a post in his administration. This created the opening which will be filled through the Special Election June 18. And it created the opportunity for this seat to be flipped by a savvy, hard-working progressive with lots of organizing experience: Democrat Ryan Terrell.

Ryan may be one of the younger candidates Postcards to Voters has supported. But, his life experience and steady work in politics have given him a unique empathy for constituents turning him into a strong champion of the forgotten and powerless. You can remind these voters spread across 10 different counties that they *do* have power. Their vote is their superpower.


This Special Election is already seeing rock bottom turnout based on the vote by mail ballots being received daily. This indication of weak voter participation could give Ryan a winning edge, though. The opposition clearly doesn’t seem him as a threat and they are taking a win for granted. What could upset their arrogance is a last minute, all-volunteer grassroots effort to boost turnout by just enough – we’re taking on the order of a few hundred votes. Do you know a group that could pull that off on short notice? (grin)

You are Ryan’s secret weapon. Your fun, friendly election reminders will saturate the district – going first to voters with multiple registered Democrats at the same address. The list is stacked strategically with a lot of though given to the nuances of conservative registered Democrats and the voter groups most likely to respond to Ryan’s candidacy. We won’t be writing to every single Democrat in the district. Just the ones who Ryan knows will be most receptive.

About FL House District 7

This district is flippable. By party registration, it’s close. But, it is a strong Trump district with a history of voting for GOP candidates. When you compare the voters whose history of voting group them as the most likely to vote, you get 18,922 Republicans vs 23,514 Democrats.

The community was hit hard by Hurricane Michael and some of the poorest areas are still struggling to recover. State aid hasn’t been anywhere near what it should be and this is among Ryan’s top priorities. The issues section of his web site is one of the most detailed I’ve seen. If elected, his constituents will finally be getting the representation they deserve to lift everyone up.

When caring and competent candidates put their lives on hold to run for office in tough districts, it’s often them and a couple friends or family charging at windmills. In this post-Trump era, we know better than to let true blue progressives like Ryan battle this out alone. With just 5 to 10 postcards apiece, we can give him the word of mouth boost that money can’t buy.

If you don’t have time to write 5 or 10 #PostcardsToVoters in the next few days before the cut-off, please consider donating to Ryan’s campaign. He wants to buy one full week of commercials on the largest African American radio station. It’s an inexpensive market and he doesn’t need much to make this happen. Out of 162 campaigns, I think this may only be the 3rd time we’ve ever directly asked you to support a campaign financially in addition to writing for them. His donation button is near the bottom of his web site. It’s bright yellow and has a PayPal logo. After you click this link, scroll down to the yellow button:

And, as if you needed one more reason to write for Ryan, Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz has stumped for his opponent.

Thank you for giving the constituents of Florida House District 7 a fighting chance. Let’s help Ryan flip FL HD 7!  ~Tony The Democrat

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    1. Sorry to hear that Joanne. But, remember, every single day we have a campaign. Any day you have time to write and mail even 1 postcard that day, we will always have a campaign list ready for you. So, you don’t even have to wait for us to give you a notice. Whenever you have the free time to write one postcard, ask us for an address and we’ll be delighted to help. Thanks!

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