Campaign #160 is for Susan Boser in PA


What? Special Election
When? Tuesday, May 21
Who? Democrat Susan Boser
For? State Senate
Why? Progress for all means Healthcare Access, Faster Internet, and Tax Relief.
How? Be a voter!

How many elections is Pennsylvania having this month?! Well, plenty. And, with your help, we’re going to help our next Democratic candidate, Susan Boser, become a winner and a new State Senator.

Susan ran for Congress last year. She’s enjoying much greater name recognition than if she’d just emerged as a new candidate. She and her team are already quite familiar with what it takes to get out the vote. The Congressional district was obviously much larger. From one end to the other would take her around 4 hours to drive. This state senate district is much smaller and they’ve been working hard at voter outreach. But, it is a rural district. Your fun, friendly election reminder postcards can make a huge difference when addresses are spread so far apart.

The former incumbent resigned for health reasons. This is a flip opportunity. Her Republican opponent was the Chief of Staff for the former incumbent. He suffers from high negatives from his years in various political battles. The other thing going for Democrats across Pennsylvania has been favorable electoral wins. In 2016, Republicans held a 34-16 majority in the state senate. When the state’s new Democratic Governor was elected last year, though, 5 GOP senate seats were washed away by a blue wave. It then became a 29-21 advantage. With Pam Iovino’s victory earlier this year and other resignations, the advantage is narrower at 26-22 with 2 vacancies.

Special elections are all about awareness

The most important thing we can do is contacting registered Democratic voters and remind them of the upcoming election.

The rural nature of the 41st district and the lack of broadband internet access means that your amazing volunteer effort can be paramount for a winning plan. Pam Iovino’s recent election was a testament that when we come together, when we concentrate our resources and our efforts, we win. Conor Lamb’s race is also a wonderful example of this. Pennsylvania Democrats’ track record during special elections is remarkable, including now 3 wins in just a month!

Special elections are always a numbers game. According to those closer to the race than me, the numbers show a path to victory. The variable is how strong can we all boost turnout? Susan Boser is the right choice for progress in the 41st. Each postcard you write stands to add one to three additional votes to the other efforts the campaign is carrying out.

Susan was interviewed for a popular podcast and you can listen to it here:

She also recorded a video message to #PostcardsToVoters volunteers which you can watch on our YouTube channel here:

Write on!

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