Campaign #153 is for Rhonda Hart for School Board in TX


What? Election
When? SATURDAY, May 4
Who? Democrat Rhonda Hart
For? School Board
Why? No one will work with more heart to drive change than Rhonda.
How? Be a voter!

Remember when you first started writing #PostcardsToVoters? It wasn’t long ago that our next candidate was a first-time writer with us. Now, she’s running to become a Trustee on the Dickinson School District Board of Trustees, District 5 near Galveston, Texas!

About Rhonda

Rhonda grew up in a small town in Alaska. She joined the Army in 2000, and spent her summer after high school in basic combat training. After leaving the Army, she went to college and earned a degree in early childhood education. Rhonda has always worked in the classroom or with children. She has spent time as a Girl Scout volunteer and was even a cookie mom! More recently, Rhonda was a school bus driver and CDL trainer in the state of Texas.

Rhonda became first interested in politics during the 2008 Presidential campaign. She wrote post cards with the help of her young daughter for Barack Obama. In 2016 she made phone calls for Hillary Clinton. After the 2016 elections, Rhonda became the type of person to keep her Senators’ phone numbers saved in her phone contacts, JUST so she could call and advocate for issues like education and health care.

A Parent’s Worst Nightmare

In May 2018, that all had to change. Rhonda’s daughter, Kimberly, was one of the 10 people shot and killed in art class at Santa Fe High School.

Rhonda is now an active volunteer with Moms Demand Action, March For Our Lives, and is an Everytown Survivor Fellow. She has also volunteered with several mid-term campaigns across the Houston area in 2018.

We are going to write to every Democratic voter in this DISD single-member district and introduce them to Rhonda. Why? Because Rhonda believes in lowering the burdensome stakes on STAAR testing, supporting teachers with living wages, solving the never-ending property tax problems, and making safety across all campuses a top priority.

I’ve spoken with Rhonda and can tell you that she has the painful perspective of a parent of a murdered school kid to fight relentlessly for necessary and effective campus safety measures. But, beyond that, she has a well-rounded platform for the school district that is rooted in the values we share as Democrats.

I know we will be able to finish writing to Rhonda’s voters quickly because the number of Democratic voters there is quite small. I also know that Rhonda is campaigning tirelessly because of what’s driving her to make a difference there. Finally, I know that when turnout for these local elections is already so low, a modest boost in voter participation can make the difference between a win and a wish.

Thank you for taking pen to postcard for however many you can write and mail in 3 days. Do it for Rhonda. Do it for the other parents. Do it for the children and staff on those campuses who need a hero in the administration looking out for them.

Write on!

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