Campaign #152 is for Juanita Charles in TN


What? Election
When? Tuesday, April 23
Who? Democrat Juanita Charles
For? State Senate
Why? Bold leadership by an Army veteran to lift everyone’s quality of life.
How? Be a voter!

This month with just weeks to spare, we’ve been asked to help a True Blue Democrat in a Tennessee State Senate Special Election. U.S. Army veteran Juanita Charles is ready to champion the fight in the Tennessee legislature against discriminatory and harmful legislation important to everyone in State Senate District 22.

Some examples of current legislation proposed by Republican lawmakers and/or the Republican Governor:

  • The “Heartbeat” bill which will essentially ban abortion.
  • Education Savings Accounts that will take money away from public education.
  • Numerous anti-LGBTQ legislation dubbed the Slate of Hate.

Here are some direct quotes from campaign mailers sent by Juanita’s Republican opponent, Bill Powers:

  • Real Border Enforcement
  • Stand in lock step with President Trump
  • Permit TN National Guard to Secure Southern Border if needed.

There was a Facebook post that was shared publicly where the Republican’s campaign wrote in support of discriminating against LGBTQ and Muslim people. When the paper asked him to explain his stance on LGBTQ rights or the Muslim community, he refused to comment. Powers claimed that he was not responsible for any Facebook comment about the matter that appeared under his name. If elected, Powers will go to the state legislature and stand with fellow Republicans to pass harmful and hateful legislation.

The constituents deserve a True Blue Democrat like Juanita Charles. Democrats only make up 15% of the Tennessee State Legislature. And there are only 20 women in the legislature out of 132. Only 17 African-Americans currently serve in the legislature. So, Postcards To Voters going to help.

In Juanita’s own words:

“As a veteran, business owner, wife, and mother, I have spent my life advocating for others. I know that taking care of our public education, our health care, and our infrastructure will benefit every citizen’s quality of life. Tennessee’s District 22 needs a senator who understands the everyday problems of its people and will work toward common sense solutions.”

“Since I was young, service to and taking care of others has been a major part of who I am. I am the oldest of my six brothers and three sisters, many of whom I play second mom to. As a Non-Commissioned Officer in the Army, I took great pride in being a servant-leader to my soldiers, always putting them first. As a realtor, I do whatever is possible to make sure my client’s needs are met. One of my proudest accomplishments throughout my career is the number of families I have helped when others had given up on them. To this day, I continue in this role: caregiver, supporter, advocate for others.”

Here is a link to a video of Juanita speaking to a crowd back in February:

Let’s back Juanita so that she can be the voice of her district in the Tennessee State Senate. Write on!

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