Campaign #151 is for James Bowers in Lincoln, NE


What? Election
When? Tuesday, May 7
Who? Democrat James Bowers
For? City Council
Why? Lincoln’s working families deserve a fair deal.
How? Be a voter!

You have a chance to make history in Nebraska. James Bowers would be Lincoln’s first openly LGBTQ City Council member, and would flip this seat blue. It’s currently held by a Republican who opposed the city’s Fairness Ordinance, which would have added workplace & housing protections for LGBTQ people. This seat would not only be a Democratic flip, but also send a strong message of support for diversity and inclusion for Lincoln and the rest of the very red state of Nebraska.

James is a public school social worker who has served locally in organizations fighting homelessness, AIDS, and for a stronger safety net for working families. He’s spent his career advocating for better public health resources and to strengthen the fraying social safety net.

In the last election there, the Democratic candidate lost by only 200 votes. This seat had previously been held by a Democrat for twenty years. James and his hard-working team have knocked thousands of doors already. They need our support to get them over the top. Looking at the numbers, if Democratic turnout increases by just 1.5%, this seat will flip.

Thanks for pulling out the pens, postcards, and postage stamps once more for a local election. #PostcardsToVoters can swing the winning difference here.

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