Campaign #150 is for 2 strong Dems running for City Council in Frisco, TX


Frisco, Texas is home to nearly 180,000 people and is part of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. I lived in Dallas for 28 years before moving to Georgia in 2013. I know Frisco well and can tell you that it is one the bright spots for Democrats in Collin County.

Neighboring Dallas County, where I lived, had turned blue beginning with a few remarkably close victories in 2004. Now, it’s a deep blue majority county driving turnout that helps up ballot for statewide candidates. As the city of Dallas grows, diversity moved more and more into southern Collin County where Frisco sits.

This gradual demographic shift has benefited Democrats and each new election cycle shows their turnout strengthening. With the upcoming Frisco City Council election, there are two strong Democratic candidates running organized campaigns to flip two at-large seats.

About the Candidates

Navy veteran, single mother, and computer technology professional Stephanie Cleveland is running for Place 4. Immigrant and small business owner Mukesh Parna is campaigning to win in Place 2. Both of these seats are elected at-large. This means that every voter in Frisco will be able to vote for both Stephanie and Mukesh on election day Saturday May 4th.

That’s a great deal for us because it means our #PostcardsToVoters will be able to boost winning turnout for two terrific Dems.

Frisco is one of the fastest growing cities in America where a majority of its new residents are Democrats. Yet, the City Council is comprised entirely of Tea Party people. With your help, we can give Stephanie and Mukesh a winning edge on Saturday, May 4th that can pave the way not only for better policy decisions coming from the Council, but for more Democrats to realize they, too, can win the other seats.

Here’s a video of Mukesh introducing himself to voters and describing his policy priorities:

And here’s Stephanie letting voters know who she is and why she’s running:

As always, thanks for working on elections “big and small” because every election stands to improve the quality of life for struggling folks and working families.

~Tony The Democrat

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