Campaign #149 is for Sara Sadat in IL


We have a new April 2nd campaign for Democrat Sara Sadat running for Village of Lisle Trustee in Illinois.

Looking at the recent days’ trends of address requests along with the very short list size of Sara’s, we have the writing capacity to help Sara without an adverse effect on the other campaign.

There were ten campaigns that reached out to us all with election dates on April 2nd. Our attention has been focused on Wisconsin because of the scope of the list and the length of term for that Supreme Court seat. We didn’t have the writing capacity post-midterms to support every campaign that asked for #PostcardsToVoters.

But, Sara’s list is short enough that we can certainly write to every single Democratic voter and give her a winning edge. Here’s why, after evaluating all of the campaigns, Sara stood out.

Many candidates have energy. Many have ideas. As you can see in the video linked below, Sara is able to wrap a compelling reason for her candidacy with specific solutions for the Village of Lisle. Her years of community advocacy have given her a depth of understanding of the issues. While her personal story reveal a perspective and empathy that will shape her leadership on the Board for the better.

Here’s her video introduction to voters:

The list is very short and is already over 80% complete. Postcards to Voters can play an out-sized role in boosting winning Democratic turnout in local elections. While we would have enjoyed writing for more municipal races with elections on April 2nd, we will have to be content with this one and keep working to grow our volunteer base so that we can increase our reach in between November elections.

To everyone who has already requested addresses for Sara, thank you and write on!

Returning writers may request voter addresses for this campaign by using one of the following options

  1. Text HELLO to (484) 275-2229
  2. Click for Facebook

If you are new to us, sign up easily by using one of the following options

  1. Text JOIN to (484) 275-2229
  2. Email us at
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