Campaign #148 is for Pam Iovino in PA!


Just a year ago in Southwest PA, we saw how effective #PostcardsToVoters were in boosting winning turnout for Conor Lamb’s Congressional victory. We also wrote in two other Pennsylvania special elections supporting the wins of Austin Davis and Helen Tai. While we’re recounting PA wins, let’s not forget Michelle Minnick and Kimberly Koch in their respective town races and Judge Ellen Ceisler running for a statewide judicial bench.

Now, we have another chance play an important GOTV role in Pennsylvania. It’s in a State Senate district that has been trending blue over the past few election cycles. And it is in support of a strong Democratic candidate who was born and raised in the 37th District.

About Pam

Pam Iovino is a 23-year Navy veteran who spent many years fighting on Capitol Hill in the Department of Veteran Affairs on behalf of 25 million veterans and their families – a position in which she was nominated by a Republican President and confirmed by a Republican Senate.

During her time in Washington DC, Pam learned to work tirelessly, both with Democrats and across party lines, in order to protect and improve the benefits of veterans and their families nationwide. After she left that position, she returned to Allegheny County where she served as the Director of Veterans Services in a county that has the most veterans per capita in the state. Because of her background fighting on behalf of veterans both in Washington DC and at home in Allegheny County, voters will see her as more than qualified to represent them.

Pam and her team calculate a slight Democratic registration advantage in her district. The most important thing, as always, is to maximize the blue vote turnout. This seat is also the linchpin of the PA Dems’ chances of regaining control of their State Senate in 2020.

Are you ready to flip this seat blue?

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