Campaign #147 is for Brendan Csaposs in Louisiana!


Postcards to Voters’ mission is to elect (and help re-elect) Democrats to office up and down the ballot all across the country. We have an opportunity to help a truly progressive Democrat in deep red Louisiana and completely change the balance of power on the state capital’s Metropolitan Council.

East Baton Rouge

For upwards of a decade, the city’s Metro Council has had a Republican majority of 7 to 5. This year, a Special Election has created an opportunity to change that by moving to a 6-6 even split and giving progressives greater footing to enact reforms in the state’s second-largest city. For years, this particular seat has been occupied by a Republican. The District, however has over 10,000 left-leaning folks that have not had their voices heard during this entire period.

We are going to write to every Democratic voter, and every liberal Unaffiliated voter, and introduce them to Brendan. He and his team will do the education on the issues that he’ll address with all their other planned communications. You and the thousands of other volunteer writers will stay on the positive and explain why it’s important they vote for him.

The stakes are high here. For years, progressives have attempted to pass crucial ordinances in the city. One prime example was a civil rights ordinance to finally protect LGBT folks from workplace and housing discrimination. The GOP’s majority has made this type of progress impossible.

About Brendan

He has been a public educator for 10 years since starting his teaching career right in Baton Rouge. After just four years in the classroom as a special educator, Brendan became an Assistant Principal. Just a year later, he was promoted to the principalship at the age of 25. He also mentors local first-generation college students through the college application and selection process.

Brendan is endorsed by Victory Fund and, if elected, he will become only the second openly-LGBTQ elected official in Louisiana history!

Supporting a progressive like Brendan in a local special election may be the perfect chance for important progressive changes to make a better city for all Baton Rouge families.

It’s a small list and might not last more than a couple of days. Would you like to snag 5 or 10 voters’ addresses and make some mailbox magic happen?

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