Campaign #154 is for Garrett McDaniel in SC


What? Special Election
When? Tuesday, April 23
Who? Democrat Garrett McDaniel
For? State House
Why? A farmer’s work ethic, spirit, and optimism for all SC.
How? Be a voter!

Garrett’s father served on the same Laurens County Council seat that he now holds. His Republican challenger in this Special Election is a colleague on the same Council. They’re vying for the South Carolina House District 14 vacancy which became available when the 9-term incumbent conservative Republican resigned for health reasons after a heart attack.

Needless to say, this district is not swimming in Democratic yard signs, bumper stickers, or billboards. But, Garrett is running anyway. He had a Democratic Primary to win earlier this year and has been campaigning non-stop.

You can imagine how hard it can be for someone in his shoes, in that red of a district to get campaign talent, consultants, advice, donations, and even volunteers. Before you even open your mouth, anyone who knows the district is thinking the same thing: you can’t win.

Why run?

But, since you’re still reading this, let me share Garrett’s own words about why he’s running. Why he has made the sacrifice against all odds and in the face of so many who told him so. “My family owns and operates Taggart Timber, a 600+ acre tree farm located in McCormick, SC. This land has been owned and farmed by us for 6 generations now. Republican leadership has not been good for America’s agricultural communities and it’s time for a change here in South Carolina. Federal aid that was given in 2018 to farmers to offset the effects of [Trump’s] tariffs will not continue in 2019.”

He goes on to say, “I’m not saying I have all the answers to solve every problem but I am willing to listen and learn from the citizens of SC. If you make listening and observation your occupation, you will gain much more than you can by talking. I ask in this election that we put our partisanship to the side because we are all South Carolinians and as a farmer, my concerns are your concerns! I want to go to Columbia to fight for rural communities that I feel are being neglected by the state. The state’s general fund continues to increase each year; however the legislature continues to decrease funds appropriated to the Local Government Fund.”

About Garrett

Garrett McDaniel, who has served on Laurens County Council since 2015, was, at the time, the youngest serving county councilman in the state. McDaniel is a local business owner, of TEAM Companies LLC, and is founder of the League of Infinite Dreams, a 501c3 scholarship program. He completed a program conducted by the Congressional Black Caucus Political Institute and a James E. Clyburn Political Fellowship.

A 2009 graduate of South Carolina State University and a member of the school’s Honors College, upon graduation McDaniel received a full academic fellowship to attend New Jersey Institute of Technology, where he earned a master’s degree in transportation management. He spent four years in that field before returning home to Laurens.

After the primary earlier this year, Garrett said, “We’ve got to get more voter contact and directly contacting more people and making them aware. I noticed today via Facebook posts and phone calls that people didn’t even know that there was an election today, so I think that’s the major thing we need to focus on.”

He’s right, of course. People are busy and these special elections can easily fly under the radar for most voters. With your #PostcardsToVoters, we aim to fix that awareness gap. Remind the Democratic voters to plan to vote and to take a friend.

The only elections you are certain to lose are the ones where you don’t get enough of your voters to the polls. Let’s work our mailbox magic and get Garrett’s Democrats to the ballot box.

Write on!

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