Campaign #141 is for Christian Worth in VA


Many of you will notice two things right away. First: What happened to #140? Second: Are we really going to write for this particular House of Delegates district?

Well, there are two special elections coming up in Virginia. One in December and the other in January. We received the addresses for the one in January earlier this week. After we’d already assigned #140 to the January election today, the addresses for the December one arrived.

Since it’s much more important to write the campaigns in date order than to worry about the #PostcardsToVoters campaign number, we will come back to #140.

Now, for the tougher question of what we’re doing writing for this particular district.

It is an open seat because the incumbent Republican won his election to Congress. The district is solidly Republican with the Republican candidate for Governor winning it with 65% of the vote.

But, here are some reasons why it’s on offer for you to choose.

■ The total number of votes cast in that heated Gubernatorial race last year was just shy of 24,000. A special election in the middle of December is going to generate a paltry turnout. So, getting out as many of our Democrats as possible is the name of the game.

■ The Virginia House of Delegates is currently at 51 Republicans to 49 Democrats. If this seat can be flipped, it will be 50-50 and force a power sharing arrangement between the two parties.

■ Christian has years of campaign field operations experience. She’s practiced at GOTV methods and knows how to execute a winning plan. I feel very good about her and her team working hard to do all the things on the ground that need to be done to line things up so that our postcards can underscore their other voter contacts.

■ The list is short. We will finish this list. Unlike the recent statewide runoffs we’ve had, we’re back to a state house district. Where Dems are already outnumbered. So, we can definitely finish this list without breaking a sweat. Everyone can do a “laid back” 5 or 10.

Here’s a video of Christian shortly after she won the Democratic nomination for this special election:

Thanks for supporting this campaign and giving the Dem voters there the right balance of hope and motivation in their mailboxes.

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