Campaign #140 is for Jennifer Boysko in Virginia


Yes, this is the “missing episode.” Jennifer is in a January 8th Special Election. We did get her addresses earlier, but needed to write for the *other* Virginia Special Election coming up this month.

Please be careful not to mix talking points and addresses between the two campaigns. Especially if you are hosting a postcard party.

This State Senate seat was held by another Jennifer (Wexton) who just flipped VA-10 for the Democrats. Now, we have a chance to defend the seat and help keep a strong progressive in it. Also, it will give Virginia Democrats an advantage as they mount a campaign to retake majority control in 2019.

According to, Democratic Governor Northam won State Senate District 33 with 67% of the vote in 2017. Clinton won it with 62%. It’s clearly a blue district in the best elections.

But, this is a special election being held in the dead of winter right after the New Years. You’ve often heard that “turnout is key.” Well, this time, it really will be. Winning this seat will keep the Virginia Senate a one seat margin.

Let’s do what we do best: Send fun, friendly #PostcardsToVoters telling them why there is a special election and what day for them to plan to vote.

To watch and listen to Jennifer, check out the video library on her Facebook page here:

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