Campaign #139 is for Gwen Collins-Greenup in Louisiana


“Collins-Greenup surprised Louisiana’s political establishment to win a spot in the Dec. 8 runoff for the state’s third highest position. She bested seven of nine largely unknown and poorly funded candidates seeking to fill out the remaining year of Tom Schedler’s term as secretary of state. Spending roughly a half-cent for each vote received, the Democrat got 289,097 votes to interim Secretary of State Kyle Ardoin’s 298,657 votes. He spent about 83 cents per vote received.”

“With a war chest of about $1,600, no professionals on staff, few forum invitations, and no media buys, Collins-Greenup, a Clinton Democrat, drove around the state appearing at church and community events. Largely unknown, even in her home parish of East Feliciana, she nevertheless out-polled seven better-funded and better-known candidates.”

These are excerpts from about our next #PostcardsToVoters candidate.

Gwen is in a December 8th runoff election to be Louisiana’s next Secretary of State. We all know the important role Secretary of State can play. Next year, Louisiana will hold their state elections. If elected, Gwen and the team she puts in place can vigorously protect voters’ rights and run a fair electoral process from registration to certification of results.

There’s not a lot of time to write into this state. The list we have has been considered from multiple perspectives including consolidating to the top those addresses where more than one Democratic voter resides. Every postcard you write will reach two or more friendly voters with your runoff reminder.

There’s something special about a candidate who can pull off what Gwen did on November 6th. Let’s add to her voter appeal with our fully-handwritten notes to vote and make sure these multiple-voter households make a plan to vote again.

Thanks and write on!

P.S. – This is our very first campaign in the state of Louisiana! For those of you keeping track of the states to which you have written as a volunteer, here’s your chance to turn another one blue on your map. 

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  1. I live in Louisiana and have written postcards for races in AL, MS, and PA. Thank you so much for taking on Collins-Greenup’s campaign!!

  2. Please give us an update today on the number of postcards sent out
    Gwen will be on radio station WBOK 1230AM at noon CST and this news will be a big biidt to the campaign!!😀😀

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