Campaign #133 is for Gillum and Taddeo in FL


Andrew Gillum for Governor and Annette Taddeo for State Senate in Florida

[Video from State Senator Annette Taddeo:]

Annette Taddeo was Postcards to Voters’ 10th candidate when we wrote for her in September 2017. She won with 50.9% of the vote in the Special Election to Florida State Senate, District 40. Back then, we barely had 5,000 volunteers and it took us 16 days to write close to 11,000 postcards. (As a point of comparison, we issued 67,259 addresses yesterday alone on 10/28!)

Now, State Senator Taddeo needs us to work some mailbox magic to help re-elect her to serve a full term in office. We have 8 times as many volunteers. I am certain we can give this list of voters the same care and attention we normally do reminding them to vote for Andrew Gillum for Governor, to re-elect their Democratic State Senator Annette Taddeo, and to mark their ballots for all of the Democratic candidates.

Despite her brief time in the state Senate, Taddeo worked across the aisle, finding common ground with GOP lawmakers on animal protection, helping first responders with PTSD, and standing against loosening the rules for payday loan businesses, which would have hurt many low-income workers in the state. The Miami Herald has endorsed her for re-election as has President Obama.

I spoke with the Senator this week. As she gave me the campaign highlights, she explained that the opposition was so desperate, they got their friends at the National Rifle Association (NRA) to send her a so-called “thank you” letter last month. The letter was then conveniently handed over to the opposition to feature in ads attacking Taddeo.

She and her team are working to make sure the voters understand her stand against spending money to arm school teachers and janitors. Annette introduced SB 196, a ban on assault weapons and expanded magazines in the state of Florida. She has a long public record of supporting common sense gun reforms. On her website and in stump speeches to voters, she reiterates that it is going to take more than thoughts and prayers to keep schools and communities safe from gun violence.

The GOP is reaching into the same bag of tricks and hoping to plant seeds of doubt in voters. You and I know that our fun, friendly, handwritten election reminders are going to get more attention than negative, slick, attack mailers. President Obama has endorsed a winner in Annette. Let’s help her win a full term November 6th!

Here is Annette in her own words thanking you for writing for her a year ago and asking you to write for Andrew and her today:

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