Campaign #132 Jim Gaughran for New York State Senate, 5th District


As we count down the days, we see how many pens we’ve gone through. How many stacks of postcards and scores of stamps we’ve mailed hopefully to Democratic mailboxes across the country. Our work isn’t done quite yet. Our next campaign is for another Democrat for New York State Senate. Remember, they need to flip just one seat there to regain majority control.

The New York State Senate has been controlled by Republicans for 76 of the last 79 years. Now the Republicans hold that majority by a single seat. The current Republican incumbent has held his seat since 1995 consistently blocking important, progressive legislation. In 2016, Jim came within only 1,761 votes (1%) of winning this seat and turning New York into a true blue state.

If Jim is elected, the Democrats will gain control of the New York Senate. He will vote to pass essential legislation including the NY Health Act and the Reproductive Health Act.

Jim Gaughran

Jim has the values and the experience in public service to lead change for all New Yorkers. Elected to the Huntington Town Board at 26, Jim worked across the aisle to pass Huntington’s first ethics laws. In the Suffolk County Legislature, he co-authored legislation to protect the county’s water and institute community-oriented police policies. Currently, Jim chairs the Suffolk County Water Authority which enjoys the lowest water rates per cost of living and has earned a triple-A bond rating by both Fitch, and Standards and Poors.

A husband, a father, and a dedicated public servant, Jim has the record and the values to finally break through the Republican blockade that has held New York back for the past decade.

Three days ago, Newsday’s editorial board endorsed Jim over the Republican incumbent. The full endorsement can be found here:…/james-gaughran-to-represent-ny-s-…

In part, it reads:

“Two years ago, James F. Gaughran lost a bitterly contested State Senate race to longtime incumbent Carl L. Marcellino. The margin was small — about 1,700 votes of more than 146,000 cast.

“Marcellino, 75, has represented his district well in his 23 years in office…But his accomplishments are mostly in the past. No longer the vigorous warrior he once was, he soldiers on without the relish for the job he once radiated. And his better instincts are boxed in by a Republican Party desperate to retain its one-vote margin in the Senate. Marcellino has to toe the line and that’s disappointing.

“Gaughran, 61…has deep legislative experience, an important complement to his eagerness to solve problems in Albany. Currently the chairman of the Suffolk County Water Authority, Gaughran served previously in the Suffolk County Legislature and before that on the Huntington Town Board.

“…Gaughran…favors early voting, no-excuse absentee balloting and an easier process of registration. He says redistricting can be done by an independent group and, critically for Long Island, would put an end to candidates running on multiple party lines.”

And, we’re back

When Jim lost by such a small margin two years ago, Postcards to Voters wasn’t even a hint of an idea yet. But now, with over 1.6 million fun, friendly election reminders handwritten and mailed in the last 51 days, you are a grassroots force. Perhaps with everything else going on, your cards to his voters might be enough to carry the night and give New York Democrats the blue State Senate needed to pass progressive reforms.

Thanks and write on!

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