Campaign #131 Machaela Cavanaugh for Nebraska State legislature, District 6


We wrote for Machaela earlier this year (Campaign #83) to secure her spot in this top-two general election for the 6th District of the Nebraska Legislature. Now, we get to double down on that investment by boosting election day turnout. And, you should know, this is a very short list of addresses. It’s Nebraska, after all.

Machaela and her Republican opponent are running to represent west-central Omaha’s District 6 legislative seat. Both women are career professionals and married with children. Both are also Omaha natives and each of them are related to well-known politicians. The similarities end there. She and State Senator Theresa Thibodeau disagree on almost every political issue confronting Nebraska, including Medicaid expansion, tax cuts, the death penalty, and abortion.

The Opponent

The GOP incumbent’s political positions largely match those of the Republican Governor who appointed her to the seat in 2017. She looks to have the advantage in the race: campaign experience from helping her sister, Aimee Melton, get elected to the Omaha City Council; she’s a Republican in a district in which the GOP claims the largest share of registered voters, at nearly 41 percent; and she won the three-way primary with 51 percent of the vote on May 15.

Machaela Cavanaugh

But Democrat Cavanaugh has a real chance at flipping this seat. She has heavyweight financial backing of her own. Her largest donations are from the Nebraska State Education Association, Nebraska Association of Trial Attorneys, and Firefighters for Better Government. Her political experience as the daughter of former U.S. Rep. John Cavanaugh and as a staff assistant for former U.S. Sen. Ben Nelson also give her credibility with voters.

The district tends to be older, more educated, and better off financially than the Nebraska average. With a change in the air, this may be the best time for the seat to be turned blue. Your postcards may be exactly what Machaela and her team need to boost winning turnout.

Here’s a video produced by local high school students to introduce you to Machaela:

Thanks for taking time to write just 5 postcards to Nebraska voters with hope that we can make a blue difference there, too!

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