Campaign #130 is for Josh Harder in CA


Josh Harder for US Congress – California, District 10

The 10th Congressional District in central California presents Democrats with a great opportunity to pick up a seat in the House. According to major polling services, the Republican incumbent, Jeff Denham, is currently tied with his Democratic challenger, Josh Harder, in a district that voted for both Hillary Clinton and Kamala Harris in 2016.

The Opponent

Denham is a full-fledged Trump loyalist who has publicly defended the President’s decision not to release his tax returns and has voted with him 97.8% of the time. He has supported Trump’s efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act even though over 75,000 of his own constituents would lose coverage without it. He is a climate change denier and is generally on the wrong side of every major issue from immigration to gun control to tax reform.

Josh Harder

Democrat Josh Harder, is running on a progressive platform of local and national issues. Born and raised in the district, he is particularly passionate about creating sustainable water policies and improving the region’s economic prosperity. As his website points out, “if the Central Valley were a state, we would be the poorest in the nation. That’s unacceptable…”

Harder has the right background for the job. He earned his degree in Political Science and Economics from Stanford before getting his MBA and MPP from Harvard. Since graduating, he’s worked at nonprofits focusing on economic development and as a venture capitalist helping small businesses.

It’s time for a change in CA-10. With your postcards, we’re going to let voters know why Josh Harder is the better choice to represent the 10th Congressional District in the House of Representatives.

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