Campaign #129 is for Beto and Eric in Texas


Eric Holguin for US Congress – Texas, District 27 and Beto O’Rourke for US Senate

If you watch the news, polls are measuring shifts in voter attitudes daily. A week ago, polls seemed to suggest one thing for Democrats like Beto O’Rourke. As we get closer to election day, races are tightening.

But, the only poll that matters is the one on November 6th. Turnout is what will decide every contest. Will our Democratic voters be energized enough to show up at near Presidential year numbers? Will we be successful in mobilizing enough Democrats whose habits have been to sit out midterm elections?

Eric Holguin

All we can do is try. Try hard to remind as many voters as possible what’s at stake this election. We’re going to focus now on every friendly Democratic voter in Texas’ 27th Congressional District. It’s the one with Democrat Eric Holguin running for Congress. We wrote for Eric earlier this year in a special election for the unexpired term for this U.S. House seat. Voters there are already familiar with you wonderful, positive postcards.

This time, we are going to pair Eric’s name with Beto’s to make sure that voters form a positive association between the two. I can’t imagine a Democrat in Texas that doesn’t want to see Beto defeat Cruz. Let’s use that boost in Beto-related interest to help the down-ballot Dems improve their chances.

It is important that we take advantage of this unique opportunity to support both Eric and Beto. Lots of voters will be turning out for Beto no matter what. But, it’s common for voters who don’t have time to closely follow elections to only vote for the top one or two contests on their ballot. In Texas this year, they are voting for Governor, too. There’s a thing called down-ballot drop-off. It’d be a real shame for Beto’s voters to stop filling out the ballot and miss their chance to flip Texas 27 by voting for Eric.

Eric is running in a tough district. Still, we hope he can be carried to victory by enough Dems showing up. No matter what, the extra votes your cards can stir up will help Beto and all the other Democrats on the ballot in CD-27.

There’s every reason to be optimistic that the Blue Wave can sweep both Beto and Eric into office this November!

And, here’s Eric himself thanking you for your efforts on his and Beto’s behalf:

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