Too busy to read Facebook.

Or Twitter. Or Amplify. Or email.

Wait, no. I have to read email. 

Here are some terrific numbers to help you realize the power of 5 postcards at a time.

Since September 7, you have helped us support 26 campaigns for this November 6th election:

  • 10 Congressional
  • 2 Senate
  • 2 Governor
  • 8 State Senate/House
  • 1 State ballot initiative
  • 1 Lt. Governor
  • 1 County Commissioner
  • 1 School Board

1,323,836 addresses assigned by Abby the Address Bot plus 298,069 via Rapid Response Email Team = 1,621,905 individually handwritten #PostcardsToVoters so far! And there are 5 days left to write and mail.

Based on average daily volume so far, we will reach 1.8 million by 10/30.

We’ve grown to 24 members of the Rapid Response Email Team (plus Carl for Abby and many other behind-the-scenes team members achieving important work for the program).

All of you and each of the team members mentioned are uncompensated volunteers. Texting and other program expenses covered by donations and postcard sales proceeds. Not a penny is paid by any candidate’s campaign.

5 days left.

5 more days to write on!

Are you just now learning about this amazing grassroots effort to boost winning Democratic turnout? It’s not too late to write to 5 voters in the next few days. Text JOIN to (484) 275-2229

~Tony The Democrat

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