Campaign #127 is for Beto O’Rourke and Mike Siegel in Texas


We have a special opportunity to write to Texas Democratic voters in the 10th Congressional District urging them to vote for all Democratic candidates on their ballot. But, in particular, we will mention the names of both Mike Siegel running for Congress and Beto O’Rourke running for US Senate.

About Mike

Mike and his team are running a strong campaign in a district often ignored by Democrats. By registering new voters and using a grassroots field program, he has a shot at flipping this Congressional seat. He’s also used his campaign not just to run for office, but to help the people in his district. You may have seen Mike on MSNBC interviewed by Rachel Maddow about one of his Field Organizers getting arrested when he went to a county elections office to submit a letter appealing a decision of theirs to make it more difficult for the students of a predominantly African-American college to vote. Click here for the incredible story about protecting voting rights for students:…/democratic-aide-arrested-advocating…And the follow up after they won:…/tx-agrees-to-remove-added-bureaucra…

Mike is a former public school teacher and civil rights lawyer. He taught third, fifth, and eighth grades. He founded two organizations that provide free after-school and summer programs for low-income children and youth. As a lawyer, he has represented women who suffered discrimination and whistleblowers who suffered retaliation. He sued the Governor of Texas to stop laws that target immigrant families and African-American families. He is running for Congress to protect our safety net and restore common decency.

Here is Mike in his own words

“As a school teacher, I understand the importance of public education. This is the promise of the American dream: go to school, work hard, have a chance at success in this world. And that’s why I know we need to fund public schools, and make sure we have qualified teachers in every classroom.

“But as a teacher, you learn that a good school and a good teacher is not enough. If a child comes to school hungry, she won’t be ready to learn. If a child’s mom or dad is sick, and doesn’t have health care, then she won’t have the support she needs to succeed. If a child’s parents are working two and three minimum-wage jobs, because we don’t have a living wage in this country, then she won’t have help with her homework, and she won’t have a fair shot at success.

“So we need a comprehensive safety net, to fulfill the promise of this country. And we need to restore common decency, to make this country safe for every American. We can’t have a President who will demonize immigrants, or disrespect women, or share the belief the Muslim people or transgender people are less worthy. We must respect every human being, period.”


Beto is a name many of us have been following for months. Ever since we learned he was the sitting Congressman from Texas who was going to challenge Ted Cruz, we’ve been waiting to help in some way.

In fact, some of us haven’t been waiting at all! I have friends who have been phone banking and canvassing for Beto for some time. Now, we all get to write to Texas voters – focusing on this one Congressional District for the moment – and boost their turnout for him, Mike, and all Democrats running.

It is important that we take advantage of this unique opportunity to support both Mike and Beto. Lots of voters will be turning out for Beto no matter what. But, it’s common for voters who don’t have time to closely follow elections to only vote for the top one or two contests on their ballot. In Texas this year, they are voting for Governor, too. There’s a thing called downballot drop-off. It’d be a real shame for Beto’s voters to stop filling out the ballot and miss their chance to flip Texas 10 by voting for Mike.

Your postcards will help make a connection in the minds of these voters. Beto+Mike. When they vote for Beto, they will hopefully remember Mike. With the right turnout, we’ve seen surprising flips this past year.

There’s every reason to be optimistic that the Blue Wave can sweep both Beto and Mike into office this November!

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