Campaign #126 is for Jeremy Cooney in NY


What’s with all of the New York State Senate races? There *are* other states, right?

Yes, there are. And we have already seen a few and will still see a few more this cycle. But, we invested a lot of time, effort, and postage in the NY Democratic Primary to unseat those DINO’s (Democrats In Name Only) and we need to make sure that at least one Republican incumbent State Senator is defeated to ensure a Democratic majority.

District 56 has a Democratic voter registration advantage at 61.2% blue. Even though Obama and Hillary won this district in 2012 and 2016 respectively, the same conservative Republican has held this seat for the past 15 years.

Democrat Jeremy Cooney is enjoying tremendous grassroots support, but he’s been out-raised. I think the secret here will be mobilizing turnout. That’s what we do best!

Jeremy is running for a new generation of leadership in New York State. If we can flip this seat, citizens of upstate New York will have a voice in the new Democratic majority. This seat in Rochester is winnable. There is a Democratic voter advantage and there was record participation during the primary. It is up to us to remind Democratic voters that there is a much better choice this November 6th.

To learn more about Jeremy watch his bio video here:

From Art Chang with Gotham Gazette

“Jeremy Cooney has everything going for him — but money. He’s in a heavily Democratic district that came out big for Obama and Clinton. His grassroots popularity is reflected in the number of individual donations. But his relatively low cash balance against a well-funded incumbent, Senator Robach, is so large that the GOP seems to have decided Robach doesn’t need additional help.”

If the GOP has turned their attention away from this district, let’s each write at least 5 postcards to push the blue wave into New York State Senate!

Thank you.

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