Campaign #125 is for Ammar Campa-Najjar in California


We’re returning to California with another chance to flip a Congressional seat.

The 50th Congressional District in Southern California presents an opportunity to pick up a seat that most years would be untouchable. The ruby red district hasn’t elected a Democrat to Congress since 2000. The incumbent, Duncan Hunter, won his 2016 reelection bid by 27 points while Trump carried the district by 15 points.

But, just a few weeks before election day, Hunter finds himself in a competitive race with his Democratic challenger, Ammar Campa-Najjar. Why? Because Hunter was indicted by a federal grand jury in August for extensive campaign finance violations. According to the indictment, he and his wife “knowingly conspired with each other” to divert $250,000 in campaign funds for personal use. This included an Italian vacation, dental work, and flying a pet rabbit to accompany the family. Then, once he was caught, he blamed his wife for all of it.

Even in this era of polarized politics, the conservative constituents of San Diego are rejecting Hunter. They are coming out in support of his opponent. Campa-Najjar is a young, energetic progressive who has dedicated his entire adult life to public service. Part of that service included a position in Obama’s White House. He was born and raised right in the district by his working-class Mexican mother.

Not surprisingly, Hunter has made Campa-Najjar’s ethnicity a central focus of his campaign. Hunter is falsely calling him a “radical Muslim” working “to infiltrate Congress.” Together, we’re going to let voters know that fraud and anti-Muslim rhetoric have no place in American politics. Ammar is the best choice to represent the people of the 50th Congressional District and your cards will remind them of that.

Pace yourself. Recruit friends to help. But, at least write 5, or 10, for Ammar to make sure Duncan Hunter isn’t sitting in Congress for another two years!

Write on!

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